2 July 2016


It's been a bit quiet here for the last month, hasn't it? I haven't managed to get much done on the website lately, for which I apologise. It's nothing personal (don't worry, you didn't say anything that's put me in a mood), it's just real life getting in the way. Real life is silly, and I'd rather be here sharing new information about roads with you all, but unfortunately I haven't had the choice.

Anyway, this week — thankfully — I have got something done. Take a look at the Photo Gallery for a new set of pictures called Rainbow Signals, showing a temporary installation in London that replaces the green man pedestrian light with seven entirely new symbols that you definitely won't find in the Highway Code.

There's also a small addition to the Dictionary, where "Pollution Control Drain" and its friend "PCD" are new entries, explaining some of the obscure yellow and green signs you sometimes see by the roadside.

I have also spent some time arming myself against possible further attacks from real life, and I am hoping to fend it off successfully and bring you another update sooner rather than later. Wish me luck!

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