7 November 2015


Isn't it nice to finish one of those jobs you've been meaning to do for a long time? Like earlier this week, when I got round to cleaning the limescale off my shower head. I'd been meaning to do that for about a month. It's much better now. I'd been putting it off when I knew all along I'd have to get round to doing it.

Another thing I've been putting off — for rather longer, unfortunately — is having maps on each page in Road Schemes so you can see the bit of road in question. I introduced Road Schemes, under their original name "Futures", slightly more than thirteen years ago, and they were always meant to have a map. I've written promises about it here on the front page several times, most recently in 2011. Having a way to add maps to the pages and mark out the sections of road that were affected was tricky, but no matter how many times I put it out of my mind, it came back, like limescale slowly accreting on a shower head.

The good news is that I've finally taken a lemon-scented cleaning product to this particular problem and made some changes to the software, and now — after just thirteen years of waiting — you can see maps on Road Schemes pages. Not all of them have maps yet, but I'm working on it, for all the live schemes at least. The pages have had a bit of a facelift too, so all round things are looking much better over there.

Elsewhere, there's some small additions to the Dictionary, where the terms Chopsticks and Ghost Island have been added for the first time.

Now, thanks to all this programming this week, I've been putting off having a shower in my sparkling-clean bathroom. I should go do that.

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