1 August 2015


"Topical" is not something that CBRD often does. Generally, this website carries itself in the manner of a huge ocean liner, carrying vast and valuable cargo, moving slowly but with great purpose. It is not in the nature of CBRD to zip around current events like some kind of jetski. But — just occasionally, when circumstances demand it — the engine room of the ocean liner is instructed to go full steam ahead, the bow rises from the water, and cocktail glasses in every stateroom are thrown to the floor as the ship begins bouncing over the waves like a speedboat.

Passengers who have been with us a long time may remember the momentous occasion when the London Congestion Charge page was published on the first day of the Charge's operation in 2002, or when the final section of the M74 was shown in the Motorway Database within hours of it opening.

Well, hold on to your daiquiri and vacate your deckchair, because the propellers are churning up the water again. For five of the last six weeks, Operation Stack has been running on the M20 in Kent, an unprecedented length of time for what is supposed to be an emergency measure. But what does it actually involve? How much of the M20 is actually affected? And why has nobody come up with anything better yet? There's a new article all about it, called Operation Stack, to explain.

Unfortunately for those stuck in the stack, the CBRD cruise liner is entirely fictional and will not be able to help any of them across the Channel. Sorry about that.

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