11 October 2014


If you missed the big news a couple of weeks ago, then you may still have guessed it from seeing this front page: CBRD is back. The update schedule is unlikely to be weekly but updates will happen, as evidenced from the things that have changed this week.

I was reminded earlier this week about the proposed changes in Gateshead that would see their wonderfully sixties (and universally reviled) elevated road, the Gateshead Highway, pulled down and replaced with a tree-lined boulevard. Shouldn't we get a look at it before it goes? As it happens, I took some photos a few years ago, so feast your eyes with the new Gateshead Highway pictures in the Photo Gallery.

I've also been through the British Roads FAQ and brought it back up to date - so hopefully anyone with a frequently asked question will no longer get an infrequently updated answer.

That "bringing things back up to date" magic has also been applied to the Sitemap, About and Accessibility pages, which is always nice.

Missed the latest changes? See the list of updates.

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Welcome to CBRD

If you've never been here before, then welcome to the site. CBRD (Chris's British Road Directory) is dedicated to the study of the entire road network of mainland Britain. These days there's a lot of sites on this subject - but CBRD remains the biggest, the most comprehensive and the most frequently updated. It contains information on most aspects of the network and is frequented by enthusiasts, officials, engineers and everyday road users alike. I aim to make the information on the site accessible to everybody, both in the way it's written and the way it's presented.

CBRD has no politics. It is not a pro-roads protest or campaign site. It is a reference site which aims to provide up-to-date and useful information on the road network of Great Britain. To find out more about what CBRD is, where it comes from, and what it's trying to do, take a look at the About CBRD section.

I hope you enjoy the site!


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While I make every effort to keep the information on CBRD accurate and up to date, I make no guarantees as to the validity of any information on this website. Anyone acting on this information does so at their own risk and I can accept no liability or responsibility for the results. CBRD does not represent (or claim to represent) the road maintenance or construction industries, and unless stated otherwise, the information on it is not officially sourced or endorsed. Best served ice cold.

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