12 April 2015


Are you planning to build yourself a motorway at some point soon? Yes, I thought so. Me too. I have the number of a bloke who does flyovers at trade prices if you're interested. Anyway, one thing you'll need if you're designing your own motorway is some junctions. But which to choose? There's so many out there!

Not to worry — the CBRD Interchanges guide is back from the dead. It's been offline for a while, but it was originally launched thirteen years ago this month, and it's now back online, vastly expanded and updated. It's also linked in to the Motorway Database, where you can now click through from junction pages to read more about the type of interchange you're looking at. I've even added two new layouts that weren't there at all before — Forks and LILOs.

Elsewhere you'll find some small modifications to the Motorway Database and Road Schemes. The Highways Agency became Highways England this month, so I have updated all 1,297 references to the Highways Agency in those areas to reflect their new name. Don't worry, I did an automatic search and replace.

It's been lovely catching up with you, but I do have this motorway to build, and I've got a four level stack interchange being delivered from B&Q, so I'd better be off.

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