23 November 2014


Last week's update was a brand new article about Smart Motorways, and you'd be forgiven for wondering how I could publish such a thing while elsewhere on the site all the exit lists in the Motorway Database are so out of date that not a single Smart Motorway scheme was shown there.

I wondered the same thing, and then — a bit later — it occurred to me that I run the website so I could do something about it if I wanted. And lo, it was done: exit lists for the M1, M4, M5, M6, M20, M25, M42 and M62 all now sport indications of variable speed limits and hard shoulder running in the appropriate places. There's also an update to the Guide page that explains the new "empty arrow" symbols used for hard shoulder running. I'm sure you will let me know if I've missed something out.

You'll also find the A23 between Crawley and Brighton has been added to what used to be the M23 page, making a full exit list all the way from Hooley to Patcham, and about time too.

Missed the latest changes? See the list of updates.

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