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This page is here to bring back some of the bits and pieces that were removed from the site. Click a link below to open up one of CBRD's former big hits in a new window.

Please note I'm not taking suggestions for these pages any more, and they are no longer being updated, so there may be broken images or errors.

The A14? The A14

This article of ill repute - allegedly describing the history of the maligned A14 - appeared on April 1st 2006.


For about 18 months, CBRD ran a poll on the front page, asking visitors for their opinions on road-related matters. It's ended now (it was a complete pain to update) but the archive of results is here.

Fantasy Roads

One of CBRD's original features, Fantasy Roads started life when the site first opened as "Build Your Own".

Introduction to UK Roads

Predecessor to the colossal UK Roads FAQ, this short question and answer page had lots of good answers and a few wrong ones... Oops!

Highway Detective

Only the longest-standing visitors wil remember this one, that lasted about two months from the opening of CBRD. It was never updated or added to, just removed when I realised how appalling it was! The page itself is long gone, but I have salvaged two diagrams. In the page I attempted to work out where the London Box would have been, largely through guesswork. Look and cringe...