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Information on where you might have spotted the site mentioned or featured in the big wide world. Newer items appear at the top. I'm very bad at updating this page.

Truck & Driver Magazine

Several articles loosely based on CBRD features, and lovingly written by yours truly, have appeared in the pages of Truck & Driver since late 2008 - including one on Bad Junctions and one on EuroRoute. There will very probably be some more in the future.

The Chris Evans Show

Following an office conversation about Spaghetti Junction, Radio 2's Chris Evans invited me on to the show on 21st May 2008 to answer a few questions and explain exactly what it was about roads and motorways that was so appealing.

The response was so good - both from listeners, who bombarded the show with e-mails, and from Mr Evans' team themselves who described me as "guest of the year" on the website - that I was invited back the next day, 22nd May, to respond to more questions posed by listeners and Radio 2's own Sally Traffic.

MP3 file

Radio Interview 21/05/08
MP3 File (4.1Mb, 4'28" playing time) radio02.mp3

MP3 file

Radio Interview 22/05/08
MP3 File (4.2Mb, 4'37" playing time) radio03.mp3

The One Show

On 9th May 2008, SABRE was featured on BBC One's The One Show. This feature is really about SABRE, but since I'm in it, along with Steven Jukes, and CBRD itself is featured, I've put it here.

Originally this was just going to be a four-minute film, which was shot on 12th March. A couple of days before it was broadcast, however, the programme's producers decided they wanted us to appear live in the street in Enfield where their studio guest was born.

You can watch the whole thing here.

The Daily Telegraph

Image from the Telegraph articleThe interview for this article took place in September 2004, though it only went to print in early 2005. It was an interview with several members of SABRE, and included a mention of CBRD. I was very pleased to be described as "not at all geeky".

As a group we were proud to have found the inner geek lurking inside the journalist. As well as her admission in the article that she ended up spotting "Mr Floppies" herself, she was also seen engrossed in a pre-motorway road atlas...

See the full text of the article at The Daily Telegraph.

JPG file

Motoring Telegraph Article (15/01/05)
JPG File (392Kb) telegraph.jpg

The Independent

Image from the Independent articleOn a Thursday in late October 2004 I got an e-mail from a journalist asking to speak to me for an article on roads. What with the state of my inbox, I only got round to calling back the next day, when to my surprise I was told the article had already gone to print and was on the shelves. So of course I headed out to see what it was.

Lo and behold, the 29th October 2004 edition of The Independent featured a two-page spread on "how we became a nation of roadies". The article's author, Cahal Milmo, had obviously done his research without my help because there, on page 13, are a number of facts (and one image) from CBRD, along with a mention for me and the website address. Who'd have thought it?

See the full text of the article at The Independent.

JPG file

Article from The Independent (29/10/04)
JPG File (616Kb) independent.jpg

'Advanced Driving' Magazine

The members' tri-annual maagzine for the Institute of Advanced Motorists ran a short article on C-roads in its Autumn 2004 issue. It drops in a link to CBRD at the bottom - though I'm not sure the editorial staff took too close a look at the site before they typed up their description of it!

JPG file

IAM C-Roads Article
JPG File (60Kb) c-roads.jpg

BBC Radio Kent

On Thursday 30th January 2003, I was interviewed over the phone for the Sue Dougan Evening Show, which has a regular feature called Curious Questions Answered: on this particular occasion the curious questions were about UK roads. The show is produced for BBC Radio Kent, but networked across the south-east of England, on BBC Southern Counties and Solent among others. The interview was scheduled for ten minutes but over-ran to nearer twenty, delaying the travel news!

On Monday 15th September, I was invited back on the show to answer more roads questions. This time the interview was shorter and less disruptive to the programme, but did involve Sue questioning my social life too (I'm not sure she was convinced I have one!).

MP3 file

Radio Interview 30/01/03
MP3 File (3.2Mb, 19'49" playing time) radio01.mp3

The MP3 file above was very impressively reduced from 8Mb to just over 3Mb by Toby Speight. This is sufficient evidence to convince me that Toby is some sort of technological deity, though he himself disputes this. Many thanks to him!

The recording of The One Show was kindly provided by SABRE member ForestChav.