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Since my SABRE member name is Chris5156, my personal website is, and my candidate number for school exams was (not coincidentally) 5156, it was only natural to seek out the roads bearing those same digits. The following are the officially endorsed CBRD roads.


The A5156The A5156 is a northern bypass for Wrexham in north Wales, which also provides access to the Rhosrobin industrial estates. It connects the A483 to the A534, and I'm proud to say that it has primary status from end to end.

It is now dual carriageway from end to end, in order to better serve the industrial estates at its eastern end. The 5156 number is therefore providing enormous economic benefits to north Wales, which makes me quite proud. Even though I have nothing to do with it.

Simon Wyn Jones's A5156 Photo Album

Simon liked this road so much, he went and took some photos! It's been partly dualled since the map above was drawn. These are taken on and around the footbridge leading to Pant-yr-ochain on the map.

A5156 imageA5156 image
A5156 imageA5156 image


The Latchford High Level Bridge on the B5156The B5156 is one of those B-roads tucked away inside a town - in fact, it's tucked away inside the southern parts of Warrington.

Running parallel to the A56 for a couple of miles and crossing the A49, the B5156 also takes in the Latchford High Level Bridge (shown left), one of nine original road bridges on the Manchester Ship Canal and one of only two fixed ones. It offers a good bypass to the swing bridges on more major routes nearby.


A C-road with that magical 5156 number? You'd better believe it. It's in Shropshire between Botvyle and Hollyhurst - about here. It's the narrow, straight road (former Roman Road, in fact - a touch of class on this page) from the A49 north to Hollyhurst.


The first secret road with my number on. It lies in Warwickshire, just south of Redditch, here. It's the yellow road in the centre of the map, between the A448 and the B4093. Many thanks to eagle-eyed Phil Reynolds who spotted a reference to it in this Warwickshire County Council document (PDF file).