M1-A1 Link Road

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In 1999, a short but significant piece of new motorway was opened to the east of Leeds, completing what had been an obvious gap in the trunk road network. On the face of it, this is a new but otherwise average piece of three-lane motorway. However, building it proved to be quite an engineering feat. One of the engineers who worked on the project wrote this piece on its construction. It spans nine pages, with detailed coverage of how the construction problems were solved, and unique photographs taken during the road's construction.

The M1-A1 Link Road was the name given to the project comprising the construction of a new motorway link between the M1 at Belle Isle to the south of Leeds and the A1 at Hook Moor to the east of Leeds, and included widening of the M62 between junctions 28 and 29, widening of the M1 between junctions 42 and 43 and upgrading of the A1 to motorway standard between Hook Moor and Bramham Crossroads.