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This part of CBRD explores various aspects of the road network in serious detail — from investigations into the past of the road network and detailed tours of specific roads to biographies of the people who had a major impact on the way we travel.

Wherever these articles take you, they try to help you understand not just what is there, but also why things are the way they are.

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Queensway Tunnel Queensway Tunnel

The engineering marvel of its day, much altered and maligned ever since: this is the original Mersey Tunnel in all its glory.

Tags: Liverpool · Tolls · Tunnels
History | Updated 19 May 2012 | Created 8 September 2007

Underways Underways

Proposed at the same time as the Ringways, but ten times as ambitious - and to think the government considered building them both!

Tags: Tunnels · Unbuilt
History | Updated 11 November 2006 | Created 11 November 2006

Euroroute Euroroute

Today you can catch a train to France. You can even put your car on it, and be there in less than an hour. But in the 1980s, Euro Tunnel had competition - including plans to build a motorway across the English Channel.

Tags: M20 · Tunnels · Unbuilt
History | Updated 14 October 2006 | Created 5 February 2005