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This part of CBRD explores various aspects of the road network in serious detail — from investigations into the past of the road network and detailed tours of specific roads to biographies of the people who had a major impact on the way we travel.

Wherever these articles take you, they try to help you understand not just what is there, but also why things are the way they are.

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Burdock Way Burdock Way

The humble West Yorkshire town of Halifax may well be the creator of the most adventurous urban road scheme in the country. Find out what it is, and why what was built isn't even the half of it.

Tags: A58 · Halifax · Unbuilt
History | Updated 20 February 2010 | Created 2 October 2004

Ringways Ringways

Destructive, expensive, over-optimistic and by far the biggest single plan for roads that Britain has ever seen. Now the biggest research project into unbuilt roads ever.

Tags: London · M1 · M11 · M20 · M23 · M25 · M3 · M4 · M40 · RingRoads · Ringways · Unbuilt
History | Updated 7 February 2009 | Created 25 November 2005

Croydon Ring Road Croydon Ring Road

Common sense suggests that you shouldn't be able to spend so much money on heavy engineering and end up with such a terrible road system.

Tags: London · RingRoads · Unbuilt
Tour | Updated 7 February 2009 | Created 9 August 2008

Glasgow Glasgow

Even in the 1960s heyday of roadbuilding, some people said you could never build your way out of congestion. Glasgow had plans to prove them wrong.

Tags: Glasgow · M74 · M77 · M8 · M80 · M898 · Scotland · Unbuilt
History | Updated 20 October 2007 | Created 9 June 2007

Warrington New Town Warrington New Town

New Towns are fascinating places socially and architecturally - and, of course, in terms of roads. This article explores one example from start to finish.

Tags: A574 · NewTowns · Unbuilt · Warrington
Tour | Updated 3 March 2007 | Created 23 September 2006

Underways Underways

Proposed at the same time as the Ringways, but ten times as ambitious - and to think the government considered building them both!

Tags: Tunnels · Unbuilt
History | Updated 11 November 2006 | Created 11 November 2006

Euroroute Euroroute

Today you can catch a train to France. You can even put your car on it, and be there in less than an hour. But in the 1980s, Euro Tunnel had competition - including plans to build a motorway across the English Channel.

Tags: M20 · Tunnels · Unbuilt
History | Updated 14 October 2006 | Created 5 February 2005

Liverpool Inner Motorway Liverpool Inner Motorway

The routing, design and details of Liverpool's 1960's plans for an inner ring road have been a mystery to road enthusiasts for years. The full details on the route, plus that of the M62, are here.

Tags: Liverpool · Unbuilt · UrbanMotorways
History | Updated 29 May 2004 | Created 29 May 2004