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The aim of this page is quite simple - investigate the interchanges of the major road network of Britain and root out the bad ones. Each bad junction has its own page, explaining where it is, what it does, and exactly why it's wrong. You can even respond - if you think a junction hasn't had a fair hearing, you can post your views for others to see.

Junctions can be bad for all sorts of reasons. But in this section, we're looking for bad design, not just the most congested places. Very often the ones most badly affected by congestion are of a perfectly good design, and are just no longer suitable for the amount of traffic they carry. Congestion can also be a symptom of bad design - and that's what we're after.

Click the name of a Bad Junction to open its page. They are arranged here in order of the lowest numbered road at the junction.

A1(M)-A194(M) A1(M)-A194(M)
Birtley Interchange
A1-A17-A46 A1-A17-A46
Winthorpe Interchange Recent comments
A1-A421 A1-A421
Black Cat Roundabout
A1-B1081 A1-B1081
Carpenter's Lodge
A1-M25-A1081 A1-M25-A1081
South Mimms Interchange
A118-A406 A118-A406
Ilford Interchange
A12-A130-A138 A12-A130-A138
Boreham Interchange
A14-A14-A141 A14-A14-A141
Spittals Interchange
A167-A184 A167-A184
Eastgate Roundabout
A21-M25-M26 A21-M25-M26
Chevening Interchange
A23-A27 A23-A27
Patcham Interchange
A3-A243-A309 A3-A243-A309
Hook Junction
A3-A31 A3-A31
Hog's Back
A31-A338 A31-A338
Ringwood Interchange
A34-A40-A44 A34-A40-A44
Peartree Interchange
A47-A1042 A47-A1042
Postwick Junction
A52-A61 A52-A61
Pentagon Roundabout
A56-A5063-A5081 A56-A5063-A5081
White City Circle
A56-A682 A56-A682
Edenfield Interchange
A563-A5460 A563-A5460
Grove Farm Triangle
A57-M60-M67 A57-M60-M67
Denton Interchange
A629-A6026 A629-A6026
Elland Wood Bottom
A7-A68-A720 A7-A68-A720
Sherriffhall Roundabout
A8-A725 A8-A725
Coatbridge Interchange
A9-M90-A93 A9-M90-A93
Broxden Roundabout
A90-A945-B9077 A90-A945-B9077
Bridge of Dee
M1-A405 M1-A405
Waterdale Interchange
M1-A41-A4008 M1-A41-A4008
Berrygrove Interchange
M1-A421-A507 M1-A421-A507
Ridgmont Interchange
M1-A6-A50-A453 M1-A6-A50-A453
Kegworth Interchange
M1-M25 M1-M25
Chiswell Interchange
M1-M62 M1-M62
Lofthouse Interchange
M11-A14-A428 M11-A14-A428
Girton Interchange
M27-M271 M27-M271
Rownhams Interchange
M3-A31 M3-A31
Chilcomb Interchange
M4 Spur M4 Spur
Heathrow Interchange
M4-M5-A38 M4-M5-A38
Almondsbury Interchange
M40-A404 M40-A404
Handy Cross Interchange
M42-A446-A4097 M42-A446-A4097
Dunton Interchange
M5-A30-A3015 M5-A30-A3015
Sowton Interchange
M5-A417 M5-A417
Brockworth Interchange
M5-M50 M5-M50
Strensham Interchange
M50-B4221 M50-B4221
Linton Interchange
M57-M58-A59 M57-M58-A59
Switch Island
M58-A577 M58-A577
Digmoor Interchange
M6 Toll-A38 M6 Toll-A38
Langley Mill Interchange
M6-A34 M6-A34
Great Barr Interchange
M6-A500-A519 M6-A500-A519
Hanchurch Interchange
M6-M58 M6-M58
Orrell Interchange
M60-A560 M60-A560
Lower Bredbury Interchange
M60-M62-M602 M60-M62-M602
Worsley Interchange
M60-M62-M66 M60-M62-M66
Simister Interchange
M62-M621-A650 M62-M621-A650
Gildersome Interchange


Junctions that have been fixed, demolished, made bearable through reduced traffic levels or - in extreme cases - ripped apart by feral mobs of angry drivers brandishing axes and flaming torches, are sent to Bad Junctions Purgatory. You can find them here.