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Where is it?

Junction diagramM1 junction 19. An indescribably important junction where the main route north from London, the M1, splits to the M1 and M6 for routes to the north east and north west, and on to Scotland. The A14 also ends here, a vital east-west link which exchanges lots of traffic with the M1 and M6 — it's almost a direct eastward extension of the M6.

The junction has been rebuilt since it entered Bad Junctions, which has fixed the problems described here. The text below was written about the previous layout which ceased operation in 2016.

What's wrong with it?

Well, just look at it, it's a joke! The M1 and M6 have had a simple fork here since the 1970's; when the A14 arrived in the 1990's, the junction wasn't so much adapted as worked around. The local Catthorpe — Swinford road that passed quietly under the junction was appropriated and now takes all the A14's traffic under the M1. The two tiny little roundabouts are no way to end a motorway-standard road, and the short drive up an unclassified road to reach the M6 is shameful.

Why is it wrong?

The A14 is a road built recently and on the cheap. It is mostly cobbled together from other roads, with just a few new built bits and a couple of junctions modified. The money was probably not available to do anything more with this junction, especially considering the cost and chaos of diverting the course of the M6 or M1. However, the cost is increased now that an even bigger junction must be remodelled — yes, this one will be rebuilt some time soon.

What would be better?

Anything but this. Except perhaps a signalised roundabout with priority bus lane. The plans proposed generally involve making it an all-access junction, with some links free-flowing and a roundabout underneath to do everything else, which is a pretty sound plan. The only worry is if the Catthorpe — Swinford road is removed from the junction. If that happens, where does non-motorway traffic — which has a legal right to use the A14 — go from here?

Right to reply

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These are the most recent comments on this junction. You can see all comments if you prefer.

April 2017

Phil Deer writes:

I was interested to see that Catthorpe is now finished, and read my comment from 2005. I moved away from the area in 2007 so I no longer have the pleasure of using the A14, but I hope that people using it are enjoying it - now to wait for the Cambridge section to be completed, and I might just have a nostalgic road trip from Ipswich to Coventry...

February 2017

Maurice Andrews approves:

Its about done. The A14 westbound is the 'main' road with the M1 north as a spur off. I have tried the revamped junction in all directions over the last few months and miracle of miracles it works. The M6-A14 east bound can be a little confusing but if you read the signs in advance it works. A great deal of money, effort and time but in the end worth it.

January 2017

Dave adds:

Further to my last comment - there are indeed two lanes for the A14 eastbound now.

The final result is excellent - at the minute, you can come off the M1 to the roadworks end sign (after 18 monotonous miles at 50!) and indulge in some foot to the floor action as you come round that wide, sweeping left-hander towards the M6.

In the annals of UK motorways, I doubt a junction has seen a renaissance quite as dramatic as this (although M6 J34 is probably hot on the heels!).

August 2016

Hamish worries for the locals:

I wondered why it wasn't like this before but I noticed about a week ago on my new road atlas that it had changed. However as you pointed out, what about the non motorway traffic. Maybe there is another road being built that isn't marked for non motorway traffic. I tried to view this on Google street view but I couldn't because of the fact that (as of 24.8.2016) it hasn't been filmed by the Google video as so recently opened.

July 2016

Maurice Andrews looks forward to the end:

Early this morning coming home after a long day's trip to Calais we were confronted with the gantry signs 'M1 closed junctions 18-19'. Ongoing works? Chaos for miles around with every local tiny minor road clogged solid. Home via M45 and M69. Soon the Catthorpe junction nightmare will end. One thing is pretty obvious, checking, as I do, 'Incidents' at Catthorpe there are far fewer and less dangerous. It is estimated that a road death costs about £1 million so I think the money has been well spent. Perhaps one day soon we can all raise our virtual glasses and toast the opening of the rebuilt junction.

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