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Where is it?

Junction diagramM62 junction 27, the starting point of the M621 and a junction with the A62 and A650. From the west, it is one of the main junctions for Leeds, and form all directions is a crucial link to other local areas. It handles an awful lot of traffic. And let's not forget the retail parks to the south — a huge multi-screen cinema, lots of big stores, and that guaranteed tailback generator, Ikea.

What's wrong with it?

It's a dumbbell that's trying to do far too many things. The main problems are not the 'outside' sliproads, but the M62 east-facing slips, which are relegated to connecting with the A62 in the middle instead of the roundabouts themselves.

Imagine leaving the M62 westbound to go north on the A62. First you need to turn left ninety degrees and then move into the right hand lane of three on the A62, usually from a standing start and across traffic that won't move because it needs to be in lane for the roundabout twenty yards ahead. This is particularly enjoyable when driving a HGV.

At the roundabout, you'll find there are three lanes on the A62, but only two on the roundabout. Who designed that? Turn round 180-degrees to come back on yourself to continue. The story is similar from most directions. Oh, and the signing is dreadful too.

Why is it wrong?

It's in a fairly built up area already, so land may have been a problem. In design terms, the best explanation I can come up with is that when the Ministry were designing the M62, they let some of the cleaning staff have a go on this one.

What would be better?

An immediate help would be to have the M62 westbound off-slip exiting before it does now, and then joining the southern roundabout after M621 traffic does. The best use for any free-flowing sliproads here would be directly into Ikea's car park.

Right to reply

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These are the most recent comments on this junction. You can see all comments if you prefer.

October 2010

Marke is blinded by the lights:

Now that the HA have tinkered with the northern roundabout and added all the missing bits the junction is a breeze compared to what once was! The only problem now is the signs for Morley on the A62 north are terrible - left lane then right lane then left again (make your mind up!) and there are now more traffic lights to shame Blackpool illuminations!

April 2009

Simon Ward takes stock of recent improvement works:

THe good part is that there are traffic lights on the sliproad coming from the M62 westbound and part of the southern roundabout has been blocked off, making the whole thing more like a dumbbell. Even better, you no longer have to take your life in your hands at the top roundabout if you're coming from A62 south to M62 east - there's a light controlled junction across the entry onto the M62 eastbound sliproad. The signage is now light years ahead of what it was (ie, it makes sense now).

So far so good.

Now the bad bits - presently, the phasing of the traffic lights, and there's a lot of 'em, is screwed up meaning that traffic backs up when it gets busy. Hopefully this'll get sorted soon. Unfortunately, the turning onto the M62 eastbound sliproad is on quite a steep incline, and as a result it'll take several attempts to get through the lights if you're stuck behind an HGV.

Still, infinitely better than it was and far less terrifying too.

February 2009

Andy Birkett brings news of relief:

Traffic signals are being installed at the northern roundabout, which is also being adapted to allow traffic wanting to remain on the A62 to pass across the centre of the roundabout. At the southern roundabout, redundant movements are being blocked to improve traffic flow. In between the two, more traffic signals are being installed, to allow for new right turn filters. These will allow traffic on the northbound A62 between the roundabouts to turn right directly onto the M62 eastbound entry slip, and traffic coming off the M62 eastbound wanting to head south towards Ikea and Huddersfield will be able to turn right across the reservation and directly onto the A62. Whilst these are probably not the most common movements at the junction, at the moment all traffic wanting to make these turns has to go up to the northern roundabout, go full circle and back down the other side of the A62. At present, big queues build on the A650 at almost all times of the day due to the volume of traffic making various turns via the northern roundabout, so the improvements should reduce congestion at the newly signalled roundabout.

August 2008

Roger MacArthur is glad to be somewhere else:

This is a truly awful junction and I'm glad I no longer use it on a regular basis. For those who do help may be on hand with improvements to the junction that are nearing completion. These involve improvements to the slip roads, extra lanes and traffic lights on the roundabouts. Its only tinkering with what already exists, but lets hope the men from the Ministry ease the problems here.

February 2006

Derek Geldard writes:

Before the motorway went through in 1972 - 1976 the whole area was just a piece of desolate moorland decorated with industrial relics such as old coal mines, disused quarries, waste oil works, Ex-WD scrapyards full of rusty WW2 lorries etc. There would have been plenty of land to do a better job of the junction, although catering for the contours could have made it expensive, Presumably that is why the elbow in the M62 at that point exists at all. The whole area has been extensively landfilled by now.