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Where is it?

Junction diagramOn the A8, part of the Glasgow to Edinburgh trunk road, where a shortcut between the M74 south and A8 east connects.

It was spotted by Martin Spiers.

What's wrong with it?

Look at the picture. Do I need to say more?

Oh, okay then. Where do I start? The A725 from the south, a grade-separated dual carriageway, merges with a B-road to form a single carriageway road. The B-road forms a right-hand entry and exit. The A725 from the north is dualled until this junction, but gives up. The flyover connecting the two halves is single carriageway. The sliproads connecting to the A8 are also single carriageway, and have the kind of corners you would associate with a mountain pass. There's more but I think you get the idea.

Why is it wrong?

I think that's obvious too. This part of the A8 was dualled and grade-separated in the early 1960s, and back then a tiny junction with narrow, sharply curved sliproads was probably fine.

The problem is that since then, every improvement that has been made to the roads approaching this junction has failed to do anything about it. A grade-separated dual carriageway plugs into the south and just gives up, leaving its traffic to fight through two horrible junctions to get onto the A8 eastbound. A complete shortage, in other words, of joined-up planning.

What would be better?

The death penalty for anyone who designs a junction like this.

Right to reply

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January 2016

Andrew has an update:

Work is now well under way to remove the right hand exit and entry of the B7070 and the A725 has been realigned over a new bridge over the line of the new M8. Access to the B7070 will be closed for 3 weeks to allow a temporary left in left out junction to be built, this will be in operation for 8 months to allow the permanent layout of the B7070 to be built.

September 2015

Anonymous writes:

I wonder if the original plan for the junction was for it to be linked to the A8-to-M8 upgrade, so the feeling was that there was little point fully upgrading the junction only for it to be ripped out when the M8 came rushing past.

August 2011

Martin Bucknall writes:

Coming from Coatbridge and going towards East Kilbride, you get through the roundabout and then the two lanes of traffic are forced into one. Then, you have to move to the left into the outside lane of traffic coming off the A8 and a lot of it is weaving across you to get out into the B7070.

Oh, and people have been reported missing whist they were trying to turn right here into the A8 towards Glasgow.

January 2011

Neil sees a bright future:

Good news! This section of the A8 is to be upgraded to full motorway, therefore all the junctions will be reconstructed to suit. Chance for a fresh start?

October 2009

Anonymous writes:

This was originally in Transport Scotland's plan for upgrading after the M74/A725 (south end) Raith Interchange project, but all mention of that project has disappeared from the public documents... The plan was: 1) A725 south end (Raith); 2) A725 north end; M8 road charging.

They've installed the ANPR cameras all along the M8 but, like I say, all mention of the intermediate project on this junction has gone. Maybe, when the Raith interchange is finished in 2012/2013, we'll be moving to road pricing. General populace hasn't realised that this is coming.