A21 in the Motorway Database

Published: 15 July 2017

This week, a brand new flyover at Longfield Road, just east of Tunbridge Wells in Kent, was opened to traffic for the first time. It replaces a roundabout on the A21 and means that the long-awaited Castle Hill to Pembury Improvement scheme is nearly finished.

When the cones are all cleared away, the A21 will have a continuous expressway from the M25 to the Kippings Cross Roundabout south-east of Pembury, a distance of 15 miles - and now that its run is no longer interrupted by a congested and frustrating gap south of Tonbridge, it's about time it was added to the Motorway Database.

So today there's a brand new entry for the A21 in the Motorway Database, complete with construction timeline and strip map of the whole route - including that brand new flyover.

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