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Hello! I'm Chris. I run this website. You can contact me using this form. It's always nice to hear from you.

The small print

Here are some things I can't help you with.

  • I am not the government, your local council or Highways England.
  • I am not a highway engineer or a civil engineer.
  • I am not able to advise you on anything to do with traffic law.
  • I don't have official information about the road network. (For traffic counts, precise location of roadside assets, and anything else of that nature, I can only direct you to the Department for Transport.)
  • I can't give you a job.
  • I can't help you get a speed limit/road classification/parking restriction changed.
  • I can't help you get a parking ticket or speeding fine overturned.

Before you start, the answers to all the most common questions are in the FAQ, and for anything else, you'll find the SABRE forums will provide you with an answer more reliably and more quickly than I can.

Looking for information on blue signs with yellow numbers? Click here

I don't have the time to reply to all the emails I receive, but I reply to as many as I can. But please don't get the wrong idea! I'm actually very friendly and your email is more than welcome.

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