A38 Dobwalls Bypass

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Road for use by all traffic
Highways Agency
£ 42m
Central Government
3.2 km (2.0 miles)

Scheme Outline

Construction of a new bypass to carry the A38 around the village of Dobwalls. Currently the main road between Plymouth and Bodmin passes through the town, causing heavy traffic in the holiday season, and a bypass has been planned since the 1960s. The new road will be dual two-lane standard, running from the roundabout to the west to tie in to the Liskeard bypass.


14 August 2006 The scheme gets government approval following a public inquiry.
14 October 2006 Compulsory purchase orders are authorised for the route.
14 November 2006 Construction work begins. The project's cost has now risen by £9m to £42m.

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