A68 Dalkeith Northern Bypass

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Road for use by all traffic
Transport Scotland
Scottish Executive
5 km (3 miles)

Scheme Outline

Construction of a new route to the north-east of Dalkeith, connecting the A68 to the south of the town to a new junction on the A720 Edinburgh City Bypass between Sheriffhall and the A1. Originally the road was to be dual two-lane standard, but now that the reopening of the parallel Waverley railway line has been approved, the traffic surveys have been revised and the route will be single two-lane with additional climbing lanes. The intermediate junction will still be grade-separated for safety reasons.


14 June 2007 Excavation work has started on the line of the new road, including the outline of the grade-separated junction near Dalkeith Park. This is an earlier start than anticipated.
14 September 2008 The road is completed and open, with corresponding improvements to the A720 Sheriffhall Roundabout also complete at the same time.

It's over!

This scheme has been completed, so it's no longer possible to edit any of the information on this page.

This scheme was last updated on 26 October 2008.