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Roads and transport in general are very hotly debated topics, nowhere more so than on the internet. The sites linked to below are a small selection of the numerous campaigns demanding action for, against and about roads. CBRD remains impartial on these issues.

ABD (Association of British Drivers)

The ABD promotes the rights and interests of the British motorist and is the most vocal part of the pro-motoring lobby in the UK. It has some interest in road construction but also promotes legal and policy change.

The Campaign for Better Transport

One of the UK's most venerable environmentalist campaigns opposing expansion of road transport, formerly known as Transport 2000. It campaigns for a particular kind of "better" transport — namely reduced reliance on road traffic.


A campaign established in 2002 attempting to secure sustained investment in the UK road network. It appears to be resuming the work done by the British Road Federation until the 1980s in lobbying for road construction.


Peter Edwardson's website on speed limits, traffic control and enforcement, and in particular speed cameras and traffic calming. While Peter's views are clear, this is not the rant that is often found on this subject; instead the site offers considered essays weighing the debate.

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