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From the people who make and maintain the roads — various departments and agencies of the UK government.

Department for Transport

The DfT has ultimate responsibility for UK roads. Until May 2002 this was the Department for Transport, Local Government and the Regions, but that was only since it stopped being the Department for the Environment, Transport and the Regions, which was the new name for the plain old Department of Transport in 1997. It's a wonder they get any work done.

DMRB (Design Manual for Roads and Bridges)

Fancy building yourself a motorway? This is the book you need — the manual consulted by draughtsmen and traffic engineers when they want to know how to time traffic lights or what the geometry of a roundabout should be. It's all handily converted to PDF format.

The Highways Agency

The DfT's executive agency for trunk roads in England. This body maintains and upgrades the motorways and trunk A-roads. The website is very informative, with information on all their present and upcoming schemes and details of what exactly they do.

Lancashire County Council: Historic Highways

Probably the most interesting government roads website there is, from a road enthusiast point of view. Lancashire is responsible for the UK's first motorway and Britain's first centre line. Here they present well-written histories of many of their major roads and motorways.

PACTS (Parliamentary Advisory Council for Traffic Safety)

A source of documents and research on traffic safety in the UK, from the people who advise the Government and help to set national policy.

Transport Scotland

Transport Scotland is a new agency of the Scottish Executive which now has responsibility for road and rail transport across the country. Their website brings together the Executive's transport policy, plans and network information in one useful resource.

TSRGD 2002 (Traffic Signs Regulations and General Directions)

The latest edition of the UK's road sign manual is available online. Scroll past the directive text to find the road sign diagrams in .GIF format. A careful search on the DfT website (above) will locate the same diagrams in vector format as PDF files.

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