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Want more? The following sites have been hand-picked for your viewing pleasure. They are also handily split into sections, and the sites in each section are now alphabetically listed for your perusal.

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The British are not the only ones to show an interest in the road network — in fact we started later than most. There's far too many sites (especially the scores of North American ones) to list here, so this is just a small sampling.

AA Roads

A huge American roads site, featuring a very handy set of links to stacks of other American roads sites — see Andy's Kick-Off Page. Has its own collosal photo archive, roadtrip reports, and more.

A nicely presented and well written German site on the Autobahn network, incuding some great images of the roads from the 1940's and before. Much of the site is also available in English, though more information is available if you can understand the German.

The French government site explaining the Autoroute franchises and with a handy pricing page so you can have your Euros counted by the time you reach the toll booth. Includes an English version.

Rene Walhout's website on the motorways and roads of the Netherlands, with an outstanding collection of photographs and pieces on the history of one of Europe's oldest motorway networks.

Highway Strip Charts

Andy Tompkins is single-handedly charting the American Interstate system using the Motorway Database page and strip chart format from this site. It's very much an ongoing project (and will take him longer than it took me) but the results so far are well worth a look. It currently requires Internet Explorer running on Windows.

Introduction to Roads in Finland

Matti Grönroos provides a guided tour of the roads of his home country, from road numbering to engineering to snow clearance.


Amid the forest of American roads sites, Kurumi stands out in both humour and content — where else can you find a road-building Java game, or such a concise directory of 3-digit Interstates? There are several parts of CBRD which were inspired by Scott's work.

Panneaux de Signalisation Routiere

Dedicated to French road signs, with some great photos (including silly examples and sign sculpture) and art on the subject. A very enlightening visit if you think road signs only ever appear on a little pole by the side of the road.

Roundabouts USA

A guide to the emerging phenomenon of roundabouts in the USA.


A kind of SABRE for the French, though with a definite road building angle. Has four member sites, all very interesting, especially if you're able to read French!

Skyscraper City

Vast forums for the discussion of everything relating to the built environment; the Highways and Autobahns forum is of particular interest to CBRD readers.

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