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An interest in roads and an interest in maps go together hand in hand, and luckily there's an abundance of free mapping sites showing the whole UK in all its bright, clear, zoomable glory.

Google Maps

Second generation online maps, with smooth scrolling and zooming and extremely high resolution coverage of large parts of the UK in satellite photography.

National Library of Scotland: Side by Side

An incredible mapping resource that places historic maps and modern maps side by side, with your mouse cursor mirrored on them both so that you can compare what was once there with what's there now. You can even place two different historic maps side by side. There's coverage of the whole UK and a wide range of historic maps to examine.

New Popular Edition Maps

Take a look at Great Britain as it looked in the Ordnance Survey's New Popular Edition maps of the 1940s. It offers a snapshot of the country immediately before the motorway age.

Old Maps

Coverage of the whole of the UK with Ordnance Survey maps more than 100 years old. If nothing else it's just fascinating to see how things used to look!

Ordnance Survey

The people who make the maps everyone else gets their data from. You can now use the Get-a-Map tool on their site to see an Ordnance Survey map of any location in the UK at any scale they publish.


Not the most beautiful or modern mapping sites, but it does offer coverage of the UK from Ordnance Survey and A-Z at different zoom levels.

Via Michelin

An alternative view of the world from Michelin, the French motoring company which covers much of the world with its own distinctive maps.

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