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The roads in different parts of the UK can be quite diverse at times. The websites in this section take a closer look at a specific part of the country, one specific road, or a localised feature.

Biff Vernon's A1 E-Book

A remarkable website dedicated to the A1. It concentrates as much on the history and the 'holistic' side of the A1 as the road itself, and so it covers a broader area than just roads. Very nearly any place of significance touched by the Great North Road is documented here.

Black Cat on A1

Who'd have thought the Black Cat Roundabout on the A1 would have its own website?

David D. Miller's Home Page

David D. Miller's personal site — links are at the top of the page to some very high-quality photos of roads in Scotland. Particularly worth a visit are the pages on the M8 in Glasgow.

From Watford Gap to Camelot

David Craig's eclectic site includes a very long and in-depth article (or perhaps better termed 'mini-site') on the A361 between the A5 and A39 — not just the road, but the places and history it visits on the way.

Glasgow's Motorways

The detailed and enthusiastic site dedicated to Glasgow's extensive motorway network — and the even bigger network that was planned but never built.

Northern Ireland Roads Site

Single-handedly covering the whole of the province, Wesley Johnston details Northern Ireland's roads past and present, and also maintains an impressive breakdown of current and future road schemes. Several larger schemes come complete with regular progress updates and photo galleries.

Route 6

A focus on the A6 and M6 corridors through Lancashire, Cumbria and beyond, looking at the roads themselves as well as their surroundings past and present and the towns that line the route, many of which have histories closely tied to the transport corridor.

Undiscovered Scotland

A guidebook for visitors to all parts of Scotland. Amongst the features on tourist sights and natural wonders, there's also a wealth of well-written articles about some of Scotland's famous roads and bridges, as well as information for motorists visiting Scotland.

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