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As more people become interested in the UK's roads, specialisms develop and increasingly new websites are devoted to one particular subject. Sites in this section take a closer focus. Other sites less closely related to the subject are also included here.

Bad Roads

A campaign to recognise the requirements of LGVs, HGVs and other big vehicles in highway design, with examples of road layouts that weren't designed with long vehicles in mind and that cause problems.

British Pathé

The British Pathé site has a huge library of the company's old newsreels available to download and watch for free. Do a search for 'motorway' for plenty of excited sounding material from the road-building heyday of the 1950s and 60s.

Forton (Lancaster) Services

A detailed and well-researched history of Britain's most intriguing service area, Forton Services on the M6, complete with its iconic tower.

Highways Maintenance

An unofficial site written by an engineer who clearly knows what he's doing: it's a how-to guide of road maintenance from blacktop to white line painting. This site tells you everything you ever wanted to know about road maintenance but never found anyone to ask.

Motorway Service Area Trivia

In-depth information on Britain's service areas, including historic information and pictures, and a chance to see exactly what the food is like.

Motorway Services Info

Discussion and debate on the services as they stand today,

Motorway Map

The British motorway network, turned into a handy London Underground-style schematic.

Street Lights Online

Mike Barford's site is arguably the most comprehensive reference there is on British streetlighting. It includes more photos than you can shake a Philips MA 90 with in-lantern control gear at.

Wet Roads

There is no larger or more comprehensive resource on the fords of Britain! Just about every single one is listed here, and many have photos too. It's a wonder Lee Chapman has any time to drive through any of them!

The World's Road Numbering Systems

An extremely impressive catalogue of road numbers from most parts of the world, complete with photos and examples. Well worth a visit.

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