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The spiritual brethren of CBRD — the handful of other websites that deal with UK Roads on a national scale. If you liked this site, you'll love all these.

SABRE (The Society for All British Road Enthusiasts)

The first and foremost (and only, actually) forum for the discussion of all things to do with UK roads. It is the hub of all UK road activity on the internet. The comprehensive website features a vibrant discussion group, photo galleries and a detailed database of all numbered roads in the UK.

Major Roads of Great Britain

Perhaps the original UK roads site, though Richard Green no longer updates it. A relaxed question-and-answer style website reflects the slower pace of UK road enthusiasm circa 2002, dealing mostly with the quirks and inaccuracies of the network. Still very informative, and very funny too.

Pathetic Motorways

Steven Jukes explores some of the less impressive motorways across the British road network, including several that don't exist. Along the way there's an examination of the development of the motorway network and a summary of non-existant roads in the 'Might Have Been Map'. Nowhere else in the world can you see video footage of the former A6144(M) route.

Rural Roads

Simon Davies gets away from all those monotonous well-engineered roads and goes in search of enjoyable drives with wonderful scenery. I don't want to spoil the ending, but he succeeds in finding quite a few of them.

The SABRE Files

The site set up by Brad Jackson, which spawned SABRE (above) and which has since been dwarfed by it. It is effectively the origin of all UK road enthusiasm. Brad isn't able to update any longer but the site has been preserved in formaldehyde and is worth reading through if you haven't already had a look.

The UK Motorway Archive

A massive project to document the construction of the UK motorway network, being written by the civil engineers who made it happen in the first place. The website contains a huge amount of information on Britain's roads that is impossible to find elsewhere.

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