A1 and A1(M) Timeline

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Construction Timeline

When the various parts of the A1 and A1(M) were built, listed in chronological order.

Open Jct Section
Jul1961 J34-38 Doncaster Bypass
May1962 J6-8 Stevenage Bypass
May1965 J56-59 Darlington Bypass
Jul1967 J8-10 Baldock Bypass
Sep1969 J59-63 Durham Motorway
Apr1970 J63-65 Birtley Bypass
May1973 J4-6 Stanborough → Welwyn
May1979 J1*-2 Cecil Lane → Roestock
Dec1986 J2-4 Roestock → Stanborough
Nov1995 J47-49 Walshford → Dishforth
Oct1998 J14-17 Alconbury → Peterborough
Feb1999 J44-45 Hook Moor → Bramham
Apr2005 J46-47 Wetherby → Walshford
Jan2006 J39-44 Darrington → Hook Moor
Dec2009 J44-46 Bramham → Wetherby
Apr2012 J49-51 Dishforth → Leeming Bar