M1 Timeline

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Construction Timeline

When the various parts of the M1 were built, listed in chronological order.

Open Jct Section
Nov1959 J5-18 Berrygrove → Crick
Nov1965 J18-24 Crick → Kegworth
May1966 J24-25 Kegworth → Sandiacre
Nov1966 J25-26 Sandiacre → Nuthall
Nov1966 J4-5 Brockley → Berrygrove
Apr1967 J40-42 Wakefield → East Ardsley
May1967 J2-4 Page Street → Brockley
May1967 J26-28 Nuthall → Pinxton
Jul1967 J32-34 Thurcroft → Tinsley
Oct1967 J42-44 East Ardsley → Stourton
Nov1967 J28-32 Pinxton → Thurcroft
Jun1968 J34-36 Meadowhall → Tankersley
Sep1968 J36-38 Tankersley → Darton
Oct1968 J38-40 Darton → Wakefield
Jul1977 J1-2 Brent Cross → Page Street
Feb1999 J42-48 Stourton → Hook Moor