M6 Timeline

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Construction Timeline

When the various parts of the M6 were built, listed in chronological order.

Open Jct Section
Dec1958 J29-32 Preston Bypass
Apr1960 J33-35 Lancaster Bypass
Aug1962 J13-14 Stafford Bypass
Nov1962 J15-16 Hanchurch → Barthomley
Dec1962 J14-15 Stafford Bypass → Hanchurch
Jul1963 J20-29 Warrington → Preston
Nov1963 J16-20 Barthomley → Warrington
Jan1965 J32-33 Preston → Lancaster
Mar1966 J11-13 Shareshill → Dunston
Sep1966 J10-11 Darlaston → Shareshill
Nov1968 J40-41 Penrith Bypass
Nov1968 J9-10 Bescot → Darlaston
Apr1970 J8-9 Ray Hall → Bescot
Jul1970 J7-8 Great Barr → Ray Hall
Oct1970 J35-40 Lancaster → Penrith
Dec1970 J42-44 Carlisle Bypass
Feb1971 J4-5 Maxstoke → Bromford
Jul1971 J2-4 Ansty → Maxstoke
Jul1971 J41-42 Penrith → Carlisle
Nov1971 J0-2 Catthorpe → Ansty
Nov1971 J5-6 Bromford → Gravelly Hill
May1972 J6-7 Gravelly Hill → Great Barr
Dec2008 J44-45 Carlisle → Gretna