M60 Timeline

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Construction Timeline

When the various parts of the M60 were built, listed in chronological order.

Open Jct Section
Oct1960 J7-13 Stretford and Eccles Bypass Formerly M62.
Nov1971 J12-18 Eccles → Simister Formerly M62.
Sep1974 J4-7 Sale Eastern & Northenden Bypass Formerly M63.
May1975 J2-4 Sharston Bypass Formerly M63.
Nov1975 J18-19 Bury Easterly Bypass (south) Formerly M66.
Jul1982 J27-2 Stockport Bypass Formerly M63.
Apr1989 J24-27 Portwood → Denton Formerly M66.
Oct2000 J19-24 Denton → Middleton