M8 Timeline

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Construction Timeline

When the various parts of the M8 were built, listed in chronological order.

Open Jct Section
Nov1965 J4-5 Harthill Bypass
Aug1967 J5-6 Harthill → Newhouse
1968 J15-16 Glasgow IRR, Townhead section
Mar1968 J26-29 Renfrew Bypass
Sep1969 J3-4 Dechmont → Whitburn
1970 J19-20 Glasgow IRR, Kingston Bridge section
Dec1970 J29-30 Bishopton Bypass Stage I
1971 J16-17 Glasgow IRR, Woodside section
May1971 J2-3 Newbridge → Dechmont
1972 J17-18 Glasgow IRR, Woodside → Charing Cross
1972 J18-19 Glasgow IRR, Charing Cross section
May1975 J12-15 Monkland Motorway Stage I
Nov1975 J30-31 Bishopton Bypass Stage II
Oct1977 J20-26 Renfrew Motorway
Jun1979 J11-12 Monkland Motorway Stage IIa
Apr1980 J8-11 Monkland Motorway Stage IIb
Apr1980 J8-9 Ballieston → Glasgow City Boundary
Dec1995 J1-2 Edinburgh City Bypass → Newbridge
Apr2017 J6-8 Newhouse → Baillieston