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Since August 2001, I've been periodically getting odd looks from passers-by as I wander the countryside of Britain, taking photos of roads. I don't get any special thrill out of making a spectacle of myself in this way, but I do get a nice collection of images to share here.

Rainbow signals Rainbow signals

The annual Pride event was accompanied, in 2016, by some quite unusual changes to traffic lights around Trafalgar Square. The green men went missing — and seven new symbols took their place.

Linnyshaw Moss Linnyshaw Moss

The UK's widest motorway is not where you might expect to find it — in fact, it's on the unassuming M61 near Manchester. This gallery offers an overhead view of one of the UK's most unique and spacious interchanges.

Gateshead Highway Gateshead Highway

The unloved and unfinished Gateshead Highway is due to be demolished. Take a look at the road that Gateshead can't wait to get rid of.

Exhibition Road Exhibition Road

The UK's biggest shared space is a phenomenally expensive experiment in West London. How does it work?

The Improbable A39 The Improbable A39

It crosses cattle grids and untamed moorland, it climbs 1-in-4 hills and plummets through hairpin bends, it runs single-track through woodland and historic villages. It's rugged and beautiful. Is it really the A39?

Aust to Beachley Aust to Beachley

Today two motorways cross the Severn near Chepstow. But as recently as 1965, the only crossing was a ferry that carried six cars at a time, from Aust to Beachley.

A470 End to End A470 End to End

The road that connects Wales together, but which nobody really uses... All five hours of the A470, from Llandudno to Cardiff, are here.

Reigate Tunnel Reigate Tunnel

An unassuming Surrey market town with an amazing claim to fame — the world's first road tunnel.

Mickleham Bends Mickleham Bends

Once it was one of the UK's most dangerous roads — just what is so special about a bit of dual carriageway in Surrey?

All of the A6118 All of the A6118

A peculiar road near Peterborough with an interesting history. And it's only a mile long.

Junction Three Junction Three

The M621 has one junction where everything leaves the motorway and heads for the city, and a very bizarre junction it is too.

Mancunian Way Mancunian Way

Manchester's highway in the sky, carrying traffic around the city centre and rapidly becoming an iconic part of the city's heritage.

Mistakes Mistakes

Making road signs is a tricky business, but fortunately the professionals who design them get it right. Usually.

Above the M8 Above the M8

Go to Glasgow and it's almost inevitable that you'll use the M8. The views of the city surrounding it are really quite unique.

Hogarth Flyover Hogarth Flyover

It makes the traffic situation in one part of West London much more bearable — yet it should have been removed more than quarter of a century ago. But then it's amazing what you can do with a big Meccano kit.

A Piece of History A Piece of History

The lowly and pathetic A6144(M) motorway was downgraded in May 2006. This is the story of the mission to rescue some memorabilia.

M1 Under Construction M1 Under Construction

Pictures taken as the first section of the M1 was being built in 1958-9, with all its unique architecture still under construction.

M1 Architecture M1 Architecture

The most unique motorway in Britain owes its identity to its fifties architecture. Much of it will soon be gone. This page documents it in detail.

Scammonden Bridge Scammonden Bridge

If you've ever been on the M62 across the Pennines, you'll know the one. It's the huge arched bridge 120ft above the road. And this is what it's like when you're standing on top of it!

New Medway Viaducts New Medway Viaducts

Taken over the course of two years, from 2002 to 2003, these sixteen images chart the construction of two new bridges alongside the M2 Medway Viaduct.

Thelwall Viaduct Thelwall Viaduct

Thousands of vehicles travel the M6 between the M56 and M62 each day. They all cross the River Mersey and the Manchester Ship Canal, and the bridge that carries them is notorious from travel reports nationwide. But what does it actually look like from the ground?

Old Motorway Photos Old Motorway Photos

A gallery of images sent in by visitors to the site of original photos of motorways — including some impressive views of the M4 and M11 under construction. Email your own in.

1950s Streetlights 1950s Streetlights

Some examples of the old-fashioned concrete lamp posts dating from the 1950's with their distinctive arched arm and fin around the back. These are now very much a dying breed.

Cockfosters Cockfosters

A North London roundabout signposted almost exclusively in pre-Worboys signs.

Bingley Relief Road Bingley Relief Road

Most bypasses go around the town they relieve. Not so the Bingley Relief Road, presently under construction, that ploughs through the town centre instead.

Spontaneous Motorway Spontaneous Motorway

The unique and perhaps illegal situation on the A1 Micklefield Bypass, West Yorkshire.

C-Roads C-Roads

A collection of photos of signs confirming the existence of C-roads.

Overkill Overkill

Even in these days of underfunding and cutbacks on road spending, here's proof that we can still fritter cash away in the grand tradition of the M50.

Kendal and Back Kendal and Back

A day trip to Kendal no less — taking in such sights as the Preston Bypass and M62 no the Pennines.

Signing in the Rain Signing in the Rain

Big road signs through a moist windscreen, thanks to Andy Martin.

Old Signs Old Signs

A few photos of the increasingly rare signs from before the big change-over in the mid 1960's.

Leeds Leeds

Thrills and spills in Leeds City Centre, specifically around the Inner Ring Road, and including what is possibly Britain's shortest motorway.

Town Centre Regulars Town Centre Regulars

Some examples of the commonest sights in British towns, from double-yellow lines to the mighty Zebra Crossing.

Brand New Tarmac Brand New Tarmac

A few photos of the new extension to the M1 around Leeds (very close to my house). Demonstrates a few interesting points about the newest roads.