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Once upon a time, chunky concrete streetlights with arched arms lit a large proportion of the country's streets. They're very much a dying breed now, but in some towns a few cling on here and there. I remember many in Leeds when I was younger, though I can't think of any that survive now. Warrington is a different story, with a few streets tucked away in the suburbs that still have a number of these handsome lights.

Thanks to Mike Barford of www.streetlightonline.co.uk for identifying all the lamps.

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Hallfields Road in Orford is lit end to end in these ones, with medium length arms and fairly new lamps on them. Unfortunately they're clearly scheduled for removal very soon (Autumn 2003) as some shiny new lights are already installed along the road.

Lamps: Philips MA 90 (without control gear)

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Old and new side by side, again on Hallfields Road. The new lights seem to have been there quite some time, so how long the old ones have left is uncertain.

Lamps: as above, with Philips SGS 203 on new post.

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A little way further north, Greenwood Crescent is in an area that seems to be undergoing regeneration funded by national government. The road itself (and streetlights of course) is from the 1950's, but the houses along one side of it are brand new. Fortunately, there seem to be no plans to re-light this road.

Lamps: Thorn Alpha 9's

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Another look at the crescent, with a brand new lamp on the streetlight in the foreground.

Lamps: WRTL/Industria 2600

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This light has an older orange sodium lamp on it, dating from the 1970's. Originally this type of post had a hanging orange sodium lamp, like the ones below.

Lamps: Thorn Alpha 9's

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Detail of the arm of one of the streetlights, again with a newer white sodium lamp.

Lamps: WRTL/Industria 2600

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Caldbeck Avenue in Orford, a small residential street behind the Co-Op on Capesthorne Road. This is the smallest incarnation of the old style lamp posts, complete with original lamp hanging from the arm.

Lamp: Thorn Beta 4

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The only other one of this type, with a slightly larger lamp on it, is found a few yards further along the same street.

Lamp: GEC Z5591


Writing 18 months later, the old lights around Greenwood Crescent remain proudly in place. The ones on Hallfields Road are, sadly, now long gone.

And in 2008, the situation is updated by Jon:

Those concrete columns in Greenwood Crescent in Warrington have been replaced by 8-metre Malitite galvanised columns with 100-watt WRTL ARC lanterns. Warrington Borough Council have been doing a lot of column replacements over the last year due to many older units failing the structural testing.