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They shouldn't exist, but they do. C-roads, D-roads, U-roads and others can sometimes be found if yoou know where to look. Here's a set of photos showing that these things really do exist!

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Preview of image 01

If you head south through Scunthorpe on the A159, you'll encounter this sign when you cross Station Road — the C173.

Photo by John H Boddy

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Just to double check it — yes, it's signed exactly the same from the other direction!

Photo by John H Boddy

Preview of image 03

Signs ahead of this roundabout on the B1217, close to Scunthorpe, reveal you can find the C221 further down the road. If you continue in this direction there's no further mention of the C-road.

Photo by John H Boddy

Preview of image 04

Another double check from another approach to the roundabout — yes, the C221's still there! Further along the B1217 there used to be signs denoting Scotter Road as the C221 but these have since been removed.

Photo by John H Boddy

Preview of image 05

This one runs from Laurieston to Gatehouse of Fleet, and this photo proves its existence. Ladies and gents, the C13!

Photo by E J Matthew

Preview of image 06

If you know where to look, there's evidence of the C3047 here.

Photo by Carl Ryding

Preview of image 07

The U5509 has been signposted by Cumbria County Council.

Photo by Richard C

Preview of image 08

This renegade signpost is on Hayling Island, near Portsmouth.

Photo by Steve Haskew

Preview of image 09

Here's a whole host of pictures of C-roads around Newcastle.

Photo by Chris Larsen

Preview of image 10

This (and the one above) are on a traffic island, but have been turned away from the road.

Photo by Chris Larsen

Preview of image 11

Here's a C-road route confirmation! We're still in Newcastle.

Photo by Chris Larsen

Preview of image 12

Another traffic island and some odd signage for a 20 zone.

Photo by Chris Larsen

Preview of image 13

We're on our way to the A167 here.

Photo by Chris Larsen

Preview of image 14

The C137 also goes to the A167, so you have a choice of C-roads if you wish to go there.

Photo by Chris Larsen

Preview of image 15

One more from Newcastle before we look at other C-roads in the north east.

Photo by Chris Larsen

Preview of image 16

The road between Prudhoe and Ovingham is signposted at this roundabout, from the A695...

Preview of image 17

...from the south...

Preview of image 18

...and from the north.

Preview of image 19

Looking at this bridge along the route, it's never going to be more than a C-road! It's two metres (6ft 6in) wide and signposted with a 10mph limit.

Preview of image 20

Runfold in Surrey is home to a great example of C-road signing.

Photo by Toby Speight

Preview of image 21

This temporary example was at Moss Lane, Southport.

Photo by Tony Davies

Preview of image 22

Here's one on the A52 at Ingoldmells, north of Skegness.

Photo by Peter

Preview of image 23

In Northern Ireland, travellers on the A20 near Newtownards are given the option of travelling on the C264.

Photo by Wesley Johnston

Preview of image 24

Here's the other sign at that junction, visible in the background of the previous picture.

Photo by Jonny boy

Preview of image 25

This charming example is north of Portsmouth in Horndean. (The sign is also wrong; its blue patch should read "(A3(M))"...)

Photo by Deryn Hawkins

Preview of image 26

The C237 was hiding away in Poyle near Slough — but the sign's now been removed.

Photo by Mark Stevens

Preview of image 27

The C48 was found in the Scottish Borders and promptly snapped up.

Photo by Stuart Wade

Preview of image 28

The C368 has been tracked down at the northern end of the A19 at Seaton Burn...

Photo by Toby Speight

Preview of image 29

...and it literally has its number written all over it.

Photo by Toby Speight

Preview of image 30

In travelling the B4114, you run the risk of finding this C-road closed.

Photo by Nic Storr

Preview of image 31

If you head north you might like to visit the C3047 between Shap and Penrith, just off the A6...

Photo by Dan Warrington

Preview of image 32

...and if you keep going that way you might end up at Tarbert, Kintyre, to see the UC26.

Photo by Dan Warrington

Preview of image 33

Here's the C78 Tarbert to Scalpay road revealed on a road sign...

Preview of image 34

...and the C79 on the "Golden Road" nearby.

Preview of image 35

Pedal across the Pennines to spot the C577, south of Holmfirth.

Photo by Chris Thomson

Preview of image 36

If you spot the C1268 on a sign try not to panic, because it's only a typo for the B1268. Oops!

Photo by Ken Coton

Preview of image 37

This self-important C32 sign is at Hawes in North Yorkshire — why is it yellow? (Geoff Eddy also sent in a photo at the same time, but it was pretty much the same and Colin won the coin toss. Sorry Geoff!)

Photo by Colin

Preview of image 38

This pre-1963 example on Islay in the far north of Scotland was first spotted by Richard Smith, but it took the skill and cunning of Ben Harper to photograph it.

Photo by Ben Harper

Preview of image 39

Let's return to Northern Ireland, where we find the C43 to Connor and Kells...

Photo by Jonny boy

Preview of image 40

...and also the C552 to the spectacularly-named Moneyneaney!

Photo by Jonny boy

Preview of image 41

Those journeying near Inverness may find themselves on the C14...

Photo by Mike Burns

Preview of image 42

...which in turn spawns the C22.

Photo by Mike Burns

Preview of image 43

The C39 makes no bones about its existence here on the island of Lewis.

Photo by Eifion

Preview of image 44

For a while the C100 made an appearance at Handy Cross, on a temporary sign as part of the now-complete motorway junction upgrade.

Preview of image 45

The C1146 is seen here in Ceredigion (or, if you're an old traditional Empire-building type, Cardiganshire).

Photo by Jon Bentley

Preview of image 46

Careful. Innocent people minding their own business near Benbecula Airport, between North and South Uist, have been quite startled when this C-road suddenly appears.

Photo by Mike Burns

Preview of image 47

Exploring types may like to fight his way through the swamps and jungles of Lincolnshire to find the C326 on a venerable fingerpost in Caythorpe.

Photo by Colin Ward

Preview of image 48

This C-road in Pembrokeshire is announced on a sign that was erected when the whole of this narrow track was widened, as part of a wind farm project.

Photo by Ceridwen

Preview of image 49

The C13 (not the same as the one to Gatehouse of Fleet, above) was seen for a while on the Blandford Forum bypass. We can all relax now that we see access to the Sunrise Business Park was unaffected.

Photo by David Brown

Preview of image 50

This sign for the C1 in Scotland was taken in August 1985. It's probably not there any more.

Photo by David Harding

Preview of image 51

This sign in Surrey is so marvellously complex that it's easy to miss the erroneous appearance of a C-road number.

Photo by Neill Wood

Preview of image 52

The C85 makes a second appearance at another sign for the same junction.

Photo by Neill Wood

Preview of image 53

Here's a sign dating from the 1920s in Norfolk (or at least, made exactly to the early 1920s Ministry of Transport standards), showing the C83 near Middleton.

Photo by Ben Harris

Preview of image 54

Here's a picture of the matching sign at the other end of the North Yorkshire C32. They make quite an odd pair.

Photo by Rob Shufflebotham

Preview of image 55

The second part of a C83 double bill comes with this one near Solas in the Western Isles.

Photo by Peter Asprey

Preview of image 56

Take a moment's break from conquering the Highlands to admire this sign for the C1050.

Photo by Toby Speight

Preview of image 57

We've already met the C13 towards Gatehouse of Fleet. Turns out there's more than one sign for it.

Photo by NDMcN

Preview of image 58

Lurking in the still darkness of the Lake District is the C2030, ready to frighten passers-by.

Photo by Rob Shufflebotham

Preview of image 59

In North Yorkshire, travelling east from Stillington to Sheriff Hutton, a road closure outs this road as the C91.

Photo by Andrew Straw

Preview of image 60

Moor Lane — a local road leading off the old A1 in North Yorkshire — sports a shiny new sign referring to a weight restriction further ahead, revealing that this is the C278. (It was also spotted and photographed by Jeremy Hunt.)

Photo by Clive Jones

Preview of image 61

The C79 — which we've already seen, further up the list — has a sign at its opposite end which has a home-made reference to its number, seemingly made of stick-on letters from a DIY shop.

Photo by Robin Horton

Preview of image 62

Just off the B8000 in Argyll, a little road across the hills from Otter Ferry to Glendaruel is revealed here as the C11.

Photo by Richie