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Even in these dark days of transport spending cuts and in times when new roads are a rarity, here's proof that in the fine tradition of the M23/M25 interchange and the entire M50, we're still capable of wasting money on roads.

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If you happen to be travelling on the M1 between junction 45 and junction 46, you'll pass under this bridge. Very nice it is too.

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Many times I found myself passing under this bridge wondering what crossed such a grand edifice, so I went out on my bike and had a look.

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Ah yes, how silly of me! Not a road or an important pipeline or anything else I could have imagined for this bridge. No, it's a gravel access road to the farm behind me. Farms and footpaths to either side have simple concrete efforts — why is this one different?

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You have to love the two layers of very expensive guard rails here — a low-level one and then a big high one (as used on high overpasses and which are capable of stopping an articulated lorry from tipping over the side) just in case that herd of sheep start veering off track.

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And of course, a wicket fence to complete that rural farm track styling. The mind boggles.