A1 Elkesley Junctions Improvement

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Scheme Outline

Scheme details

Junction improvement for use by all traffic
£ 9.7m
Highways England
Region: East Midlands
Central Government

A new two level junction is proposed to replace the current junctions. A new local link road over the A1 will mean that road users will not have to use the busy trunk road to access the village.

The existing 50mph speed limit will be removed, returning the A1 to National Speed Limit, from west of Elkesley to the eastern end of the village. Part of the current 50mph limit will be retained until the junction at Gamston, east of Elkesley, is improved in a later scheme.


24 October 2009 Draft Orders for the improvement were published this week.
9 December 2009 The closing date for objections to the legal orders has been set at 22 January 2010.
22 March 2011 The public enquiry will take place in spring or summer 2011, with construction expected to start in 2012.
7 April 2011 The local press report that this has been given the green light for the Public Inquiry stage.
29 November 2011 The Government has approved the preparation of Draft Orders, according to a DfT statement issued today, as part of the National Infrastructure Plan. No funding for construction has yet been allocated.
2 October 2014 Bridge piers are now under construction on the verges and central reservation of the A1.
9 December 2014 The bridge was by the side of the carriageway on Friday 5th December 2014 and was in position over the A1 by Monday 8th December.
6 May 2015 The bridge is now largely in place. Surfacing works are being carried out on the A1 carriageways underneath it.
6 July 2015 Following four weekend closures the A1 is now tied in on its new alignment. The new bridge is open to traffic onto the A1.
10 September 2015 The temporary 40mph speed limit has now been lifted and the road has reverted to 50mph. New streetlighting and signage is in place. The southbound exit sliproad has yet to open to traffic.
16 November 2015 The new Junction is fully operational. The 50mph speed limit remains in place, as off line landscaping works continue.
15 January 2017 The project is finished and fully open to traffic, though a 50mph speed limit has remained in place for a number of months.

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Highways England: A1 Elkesley Junctions Improvement

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