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New road for use by all traffic
£ 87m
Highways England
Region: East Midlands
Highways Agency


14 December 2004 A1/A57 Apleyhead junction is approved, with draft orders published.
14 March 2005 Colsterworth, Gonerby Moor and Markham Moor junctions are all approved.
14 March 2006 Public inquiry is now taking place for Colsterworth Roundabout.
14 May 2006 Site clearance work has started at Blyth and Apleyhead roundabouts (J34 and at A57/B6420). It is not yet clear whether this is the actual start of work or simply some early clearance.
14 November 2006 Work has now started at three sites, with a contractor's village at Gonerby Moor and substantial work at the two most northerly sites. Signs are up warning of delays until November 2007 at some sites and January 2008 at others.
14 January 2007 Work continues, with a start of work at Markham Moor due in February.
14 March 2007 Trees have been cleared at Markham Moor. Apparently consideration is being given to another flyover close by, at Jockey Lane near Elkesley, which would allow the removal of the 50mph limit through the village.
14 September 2007 The Gonerby Moor overbridge is now fully built and stands in a field adjacent to the current A1. Work is now starting on the roads around the rest of the junction.
14 November 2007 At Appleyhead, the southbound A1 is now using the new underpass. Northbound traffic remains on the old roundabout. The overbridge at Blyth is now in place and soon to be in use. Markham Moor now has a bridge in place too, and works in building it revealed the original smaller roundabout inside the existing large one.
14 January 2008 Appleyhead junction is now almost complete apart from landscaping work and minor details on the roundabout, with A1 traffic using the underpass. Carriageway work is well underway at Blyth.
14 March 2008 At Gonerby Moor, the northbound carriageway through the junction is complete, with A1 traffic now using it in a contraflow. At Colsterworth, the new overpass is under construction, with bridge piers completed and the pre-fabricated bridge deck lying next to the road.
14 May 2008 Gonerby Moor and Blyth junctions are now fully open to traffic. Work has started at Carpenter's Lodge.
14 July 2008 The overbridge at Colsterworth now has its deck in place.
14 August 2008 Markham Moor is now well under way, with diversions in place to allow construction of the sliproads. Funding has also been announced for Elkesley to be improved with a grade-separated junction.
21 October 2008 Traffic both ways now using the new mainline at Markham Moor; slip roads not yet fully open.
9 December 2008 Markham Moor: the northbound slip road to the A638 is now open.
22 December 2008 Carpenter's Lodge mainline and junction is now open to traffic, with 2 lanes each way throughout. The 50mph limit remains over Christmas, pending the remaining works. Work at Colsterworth South is now due for completion by September 2009.
18 March 2009 Southern overbridge at Colsterworth is now in use.
30 March 2009 At Colsterworth South work is now due to finish in August 2009.
20 October 2009 The whole scheme has been officially opened by Transport Minister Chris Mole.

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This scheme was last updated on 26 October 2009.