A14 Copdock Interchange and Dock Spur Roundabout Improvements

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Scheme Outline

Scheme details

Junction improvement for use by all traffic
£ 4.2m
Highways England
Region: East of England
Port of Felixstowe

The aims of this scheme are to increase capacity and improve safety at two junctions on the A14 in Suffolk - J55 (Copdock Interchange, A14/A12), near Ipswich, and J60 (Dock Spur Roundabout, A14/A154), at Felixstowe.

At the Copdock Interchange, where congestion is the major problem, additional lanes will provided on parts of the roundabout and on some of the approach roads. In addition, the roundabout will be fully signalised.

At the Dock Spur Roundabout, where safety is an additional concern (as evidenced by the number of lorries overturning here), approach roads will be re-aligned and widened, and the roundabout will be widened and fully signalised.

Funding for these improvements by the Port of Felixstowe was made a condition of the granting of planning permission for a £300m expansion at the port, which is expected to lead to a significant increase in traffic using the A14.


1 August 2011 Work started on 23 May 2011 and should finish by January 2012.
11 November 2011 Speed restrictions have now been removed, and traffic signals are fully operational. Some minor work remains to be completed.

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