A197 Morpeth Northern Bypass

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Scheme Outline

Scheme details

Bypass or realignment for use by all traffic
£ 30.1m
Northumberland County Council
Region: North East
DfT/Northumberland CC
3 km
2 miles

Construction of a new single carriageway road to link the A1 north-west of Morpeth with the A197 Pegswood bypass at the Whorral Bank roundabout.

As part of the scheme, the existing A1/A192 junction at Fairmoor will be closed, and a new, grade-separated junction will be built just to the south.


30 October 2010 Following the autumn spending review, this scheme has been allocated to the DfT's pre-qualification group. It will therefore undergo further scrutiny before a final decision is made on whether or not to proceed.
5 February 2011 According to a statement by the Transport Secretary yesterday, this scheme has now been moved into the development pool, which means it will be considered for funding along with other competing schemes. A final decision is expected by the end of 2011.
14 December 2011
13 February 2015 Development consent for this scheme came into force on 2 February 2015.
4 April 2017 The new road has been completed and is open to traffic.

More information

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Northumberland County Council: Morpeth Northern Bypass
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This scheme was last updated on 6 April 2017.