A1(M) Wetherby - Walshford

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Scheme Outline

Scheme details

Upgrade to existing road under motorway restrictions
Highways England
Region: Yorkshire and the Humber
Central Government/DBFO
4 km
2.5 miles

Upgrade of existing two-lane all purpose A1 to three-lane motorway standard, from B1224 (part-way along the Wetherby Bypass) to Walshford (the southern terminus of the next section of motorway). This is part of the Highways Agency's strategy to upgrade the A1(M) from Darrington to Barton.


14 July 2002 Department for Transport announces planned upgrade.
14 April 2003 Work has started with boundary fences in place and tree clearance east of the A1.
14 December 2004 Traffic is re-routed onto the new A1(M) alignment between Wetherby and Walshford. The existing dual carriageway on this line is now no longer used and has been temporarily reduced to one lane each way, pending its narrowing to single carriageway standard.
14 June 2005 It has been confirmed that all new sections of road from Wetherby to Walshford will be ripped up and relaid as there are serious problems with the base of the roadbed.
14 November 2005 Wetherby to Walshford section is complete and open.

It's over!

This scheme has been completed, so it's no longer possible to edit any of the information on this page.

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This scheme was last updated on 26 October 2008.