A21 Castle Hill-Pembury improvement

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Scheme Outline

Scheme details

Under construction
Upgrade to existing road for use by all traffic
£ 70 m
Highways England
Region: South East
Central Government
2 km
1 miles

Upgrade of the A21 between the A26 near Castle Hill and the Longfield road roundabout near Pembury to a dual carriageway standard. This is one of the most congested sections of road and is a high priority. Longfield road roundabout will be grade separated, giving access to a new regional hospital. This section of road, on average, carries 46,000 vehicles a day.

There will also be another minor road grade separated.

The bypass will be mostly online. An original plan was to re-align the road and make it a dual-carriageway with three lanes in each direction, however this was put off due to environmental concerns.

The bypass is one of the many schemes on the road which, when complete, will create a continuous dual-carriageway from the M25 to Hastings.

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2 April 2009 Public enquiry is due to take place in summer 2010.
12 June 2009 The statutory processes for the upgrade will be held this September.
15 December 2009 Draft Orders for the improvement were published on 11 December 2009. If required, a Public Inquiry will be held in Summer 2010.
27 March 2010 A 2009 HA newsletter featuring more recent updates of the plan has been added to the site. Note: the scheme is incorrectly labelled the A27 so please ignore it.
14 June 2010 The public enquiry has been postponed pending a financial review in the autumn.
30 October 2010 Following the autumn spending review, the DfT has decided to continue preparatory work on this scheme, with a view to starting construction after 2015.
8 May 2012 The start of development work was announced today.
23 December 2014 Site clearance has now taken place and main construction will begin in early 2015 with completion by December 2016.
2 December 2015 Part of the new road is now in use - the approach to Longfield Road roundabout from the north is carrying the A21 traffic rather than the previous tarmac. A nearby minor road has been closed due to rat-running and dangerous illegal right turns being made.
3 December 2016 The works have been delayed as some of the soil has been contaminated with asbestos. Highways England now state that the work will not be finished until summer 2017, rather than spring.

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More information

Official website
Highways England: A21 Tonbridge to Pembury Dualling
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Kent and Sussex Courier: Official timetable for A21 dualling announced

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This scheme was last updated on 13 December 2016.