A30 Winchester Road Roundabout improvements

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Scheme Outline

Scheme details

Junction improvement for use by all traffic
£ 4m
Hampshire County Council
Region: South East
Enterprise M3 LEP/Local Contributions

As part of a programme of improvements to congested junctions around Basingstoke, the first of which was the M3 J6 Black Dam Improvements, the A30/A340 Winchester Road roundabout will be widened and the approaches improved.

Three of the four approach roads are to be widened and have traffic light controls added, with additional lanes created on those approaches and on the gyratory, increasing capacity around the junction. Drainage improvements will also be made to prevent the junction flooding.

The only exception to the works is the north east Winchester Road arm, which will remain at it's current width and not be light controlled.

The roundabout was laid out at the time of construction with the intention that a flyover could be added at a later date, and approach embankments exist to allow construction of a flyover connecting Ringway West and Ringway South. However, there are no plans to build the missing flyover, and indeed this scheme will see part of the northern embankment excavated away to make space for a third lane on the southbound approach.

Work began on the 26th September 2016.


23 April 2017 The traffic lights have been activated and the scheme is up and running, with congestion notably reduced around the junction. Light dressings to the landscape around the junction continue.

More information

Official website
Hampshire County Council: Basingstoke A30 Winchester Road Roundabout improvements

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This scheme was last updated on 24 April 2017.