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Scheme Outline

Scheme details

In planning or on hold
Bypass or realignment for use by all traffic
£ 415m
Highways England
Region: South West
Central Government
14 km
8 miles

Construction of a new dual two-lane road to replace the existing single two-lane A358 between Taunton and Ilminster. The new road is likely to be built to Highways England's new "expressway" standard and may incorporate parts of the existing road in places.

It is not yet clear whether the scheme will incorporate an improved junction with the M5, or whether it will lead directly onto the A303 Ilminster Bypass rather than taking a less direct line to terminate at the Southfields Roundabout as at present.

This scheme is one of a number of improvements to the A303/A358 route between the M3 and the M5, and once completed will form the western end of the A303 route. It is intended that through traffic for Devon and Cornwall will then use the A358 from Ilminster to the M5, and not the existing A303 and A30 through the Blackdown Hills towards Honiton. It is not known whether this section of road will then assume the number A303, but it remains a possibility.

To some extent, this scheme is dependent on the success of the Stonehenge Tunnel (the A303 Amesbury - Berwick Down scheme), without which other improvements to the A303 and A358 will not be considered worthwhile.

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This scheme was last updated on 14 February 2016.