A4232 Eastern Bay Link: Queensgate to Ocean Way

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Scheme Outline

Scheme details

Under construction
New road for use by all traffic
£ 57.3m
Welsh Assembly Government
Region: Wales
Welsh Government
1 km

An extension of the existing A4232 Cardiff Peripheral Distributor Road from its existing terminus at the Queen's Gate roundabout east to the Ocean Way roundabout in Cardiff. The scheme is intended to aid economic regeneration and to relieve pressure on Central Link, East Tyndall Street and Ocean Way. The new road will need to maintain private road and railway links and will include construction of a 700m viaduct and a 300m embankment.

On completion the A4232 will still be in two sections joined by 3.5km of the unclassified S2 (and often pony infested!) Rover Way before resuming over the Rhymney River viaduct toward the A48 and M4 J30. This scheme will reduce the long-standing gap in the route by about half a mile.

The plans for the new road show splayed carriageways but no flyover at Queen's Gate roundabout, potentially allowing for future grade-separation by construction of a flyover, matching the existing provision where the A4232 approaches the junction from the west. However, the carriageways do not splay at Ocean Way, potentially suggesting that there is either no plan for the completed A4232 to be grade-separated throughout, or that plans to actually complete the route are no longer contemplated.

There will be no intermediate junctions on the new section of road. A separate cycle and foot path will be provided.

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Welsh Government: A4232

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This scheme was last updated on 8 June 2016.