A428 Bedford western bypass

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Scheme Outline

Scheme details

Bypass or realignment for use by all traffic
£ 20m
Bedfordshire County Council
Region: East of England
Local Government, developers, English Heritage
5.1 km
3.2 miles

Bypassing the road which currently passes through Kempston with a single-carriageway bypass on a new alignment. It will connect the about-to-be-uprgaded A421 at Marsh Leys Junction to the A428 just west of Great Denham (the northernmost mile or so is already open as access to industrial areas).

The road will have 5 at-grade roundabouts (including the northern terminus), 2 pedestrian/cyleway underpasses and a 330m-long viaduct crossing the River Great Ouse.

A northward extension to meet A6 is in planning.


9 August 2009 Road signs are starting to appear. One at the northern terminus of the bypass now refers to the existing A428 through Bedford as the 'A4280', in the non-primary colour scheme.
17 August 2009 The road appears to be fully formed south of the Great Denham roundabout and road markings have been applied. It is designated as A428, not A5134.
7 December 2009 The road opened ahead of schedule on Thursday 3rd November. It has been named 'The Branston Way' in honour of late Bedford mayor, Frank Branston. Bedford Borough Council is now campaigning for funding to complete the western bypass with a link road from Biddenham to the A6 at Clapham.

It's over!

This scheme has been completed, so it's no longer possible to edit any of the information on this page.

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This scheme was last updated on 7 December 2009.