A59 Penwortham Bypass Completion

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In planning or on hold
Bypass or realignment for use by all traffic
Lancashire County Council
Region: North West
1 km
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Construction of a new dual two-lane road to complete the Penwortham Bypass, running from the Broad Oak Roundabout on the A582, which forms the southern end of the part of the Bypass that already exists, and turning west to run directly to a new roundabout on the A59 south west of Howick Cross Lane.

The Broad Oak Roundabout would be signalised as part of these works.

This is a change to the route that has been protected for a number of years, which would have run further to the south to reach the A59 at Hutton. Lancashire County Council have revised the route to make it shorter, avoid property demolition and make the new road better suited to connecting to a future crossing of the Ribble west of Preston.

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25 January 2017 The final route for the Penwortham Bypass has been confirmed as a planning application is submitted.

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Official website
Lancashire County Council: The proposed completion of Penwortham bypass

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This scheme was last updated on 10 February 2017.