A595 Parton - Lillyhall Improvement

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Road for use by all traffic
Highways Agency
£ 35m
Central Government
5.1 km (3.2 miles)

Scheme Outline

Formerly called the Howgate and Distington Bypass. Involves construction of a new dual-two lane road for 2.5 miles, bypassing the towns of Howgate and Distington. The borough where the scheme is located is currently the only one in England without a section of dual carriageway - when this scheme is finished, every English borough will have at least one piece of dualled road.


14 August 2006 Transport secretary Douglas Alexander announces that the scheme has been approved and work will start in January 2007. The scheme's cost has increased by about £12m since 2004.
14 January 2007 Work began on January 30th, with work now scheduled for completion in December 2008.
14 May 2007 Work has now officially started on site. The scheme's cost has increased by £5m in the last two years.
14 April 2008 Work is now due to finish in Autumn this year.
8 November 2008 Completion has been delayed by a month due to serious weather conditions. The road is now expected to be open in December 2008.
17 December 2008 Works completed. The road was opened to traffic today.

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