A63 East Leeds Link Road

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Scheme Outline

Scheme details

New road for use by all traffic
£ 32m
Leeds City Council
Region: Yorkshire and the Humber
Central Government, Leeds City Council
5 km
3.1 miles

Construction of a new dual two-lane road from 'missing' M1 junction 45 to the centre of Leeds along presently unclassified Pontefract Lane, to dual two lane standard with at-grade junctions. Most of the route will have a HOV lane in one or both directions.


14 September 2002 Diversion of utilities begins.
14 February 2005 Leeds City Council confirms that the road scheme is fully approved and the project is currently on hold while some minor property and financial problems are cleared. Depending on these, work could begin in Autumn this year.
14 January 2006
14 October 2006 The minor road connecting M1 J45 to Leeds, Pontefract Lane, was closed on 30 October for two years to allow construction work. Site clearance has now started.
14 January 2007 Earthworks are being carried out at M1 J45 to accomodate the modified junction design, in particular an extra lane on the northbound off-slip. Most of the road's line has now been set, mostly by wooden marker posts, but in some places a road base is now visible. Some retaining walls are also being constructed. New photographs are available on the Pet Project page.
2 November 2008 Parts of the new road are in use. The section around the back of Copperfields College is in use. The roundabouts and most of the basic structure is in place; however, there is still quite a large amount of work to do. The road was expected to open this year but it will probably be early 2009 depending on the weather.
12 January 2009 Estimated to open on 3rd February 2009 as the A63 with peak-time HOV lanes.
24 January 2009 Information from the Council's web site now states that opening has been put back to 10th February.
10 February 2009 Junction 45 of the M1 fully opened. Signs read A63 Leeds. New road opened throughout. Signs outbound from Leeds still read Cross Green Industrial estate. No signs for M1 until on the road itself.

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This scheme was last updated on 11 February 2009.