A66 Temple Sowerby Bypass

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Scheme Outline

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Completedfor use by all traffic
£ 39m
Highways England
Region: North West
Central Government
5 km
3 miles

Construction of a new bypass to dual-two lane standard to the south of Temple Sowerby as part of the ongoing works to complete dualling of the A66 route between Scotch Corner and Penrith. Compact grade-separated junctions will be provided at each end of the new bypass.


14 September 2005 Some maps now show the road under construction.
14 November 2005 Construction is delayed until 2006 because of rising costs - some sources suggest a rise of £16m.
14 March 2006 A Highways Agency press release announces that contractors are now on site and construction is under way, as of 10 March.
14 December 2006 Earthworks are now complete, and most structures are also in place. The bridge over the River Eden is now in place with surfacing work still to do.
14 October 2007 The road is complete and open to traffic.

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This scheme was last updated on 26 October 2008.