A82 Inverness Trunk Link Road

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Scheme Outline

Scheme details

Under construction
New road for use by all traffic
£ 120m
The Highland Council
Region: Scotland
10 km
6 miles

A route south of Inverness, connecting A82 west of the canal crossing with A9 and A96 to the east of the city. Two sections of new road will be built (West Link and East Link); the central part is an upgrade of the existing B8082 Southern Distributor Road to dual 2-lane carriageways.

At the northern end of the scheme, a second swing bridge will be built over the Caledonian Canal parallel to the existing one carrying the A82, and both bridges will be controlled centrally so that only one is opened at any one time. Signs on the approaches will direct traffic towards the open bridge so that queues to cross the canal are eliminated.

Information at public exhibitions suggests that the A82 itself will continue to run through Inverness and that the new road, along with the B8082 at its southern end, will become the A8082.

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12 November 2008 Public meeting announced for 20 November to present options for the eastern section, including responses to comments received at May's consultation.
12 February 2011 Public consultation for the new Ness/Caledonian Canal crossing has now been concluded. The five options should now be narrowed down to one for final design.
23 November 2011 Second public consultation, with an additional three options, to take place with exhibitions on 29 November and 1 December.
17 February 2012 The preferred route will be decided at a council meeting to be held on 1 March 2012. A cross-party working group will recommend Option 6 as the best option to take forward.
2 March 2012
30 November 2015 Trees and forest along the A82 into Inverness and along the canal have been cleared and road improvements will begin shortly.
29 April 2016 West Link Stage 1 works will commence on Tuesday 3rd May.
13 November 2016 The northern roundabout has been mostly completed, the box underpass for pedestrians is nearing completion, and Ness bridge works are continuing.
4 January 2017 Tarmac has started to appear on the road off the north roundabout, and poles for the road signs have been put up.
16 January 2017 Tomnahurich Roundabout is open to A82 through traffic (the other northern roundabout - Torvean Roundabout - is not yet started).
20 March 2017 Bridge beams for the Ness river crossing have been lifted into place.

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More information

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The Highland Council: The Inverness West Link
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The Highland Council: West Link Stage 1 Work to Begin

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