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A huge project to upgrade the many lengthy single two-lane sections of the A9 between Perth and Inverness to provide a continuous dual two-lane road. The upgraded road will be provided with grade-separated junctions, with new interchanges built to replace the busy Keir, Broxden and Inveralmond roundabouts.

There has for several years been a prominent campaign to improve safety on the A9 by dualling it, but critics argue that the multi-billion pound price tag is unjustifiable given that much of the road to be upgraded carries fewer than 10,000 vehicles per day.

Transport Scotland have divided the single two-lane parts of the route into twelve sections. Kincraig to Dalraddy is the first of these to be built.

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2 March 2009

Construction is due to start on two relatively small schemes within the next few weeks. A stretch of road near Carrbridge is to be widened to S2+1. This will offer northbound drivers a safe overtaking opportunity, breaking up a very long stretch of single carriageway road. Construction is also to start on a grade separated junction at Bankfoot, eliminating the need for southbound traffic to make right turns either onto or off one of the busiest sections of the A9.

4 June 2009

The overtaking lane at Carrbridge is now complete.

10 June 2009

Construction at Bankfoot was underway at the start of May, with a section of the A9 restricted to 30 mph.

13 August 2009

Work seems to be nearly finished. 'No U-turn' signs and solid white lines are now in place.

23 February 2010

Work is due to start next month on the construction of a new northbound overtaking lane (1.06 km) at Moy, south of Inverness. The project is expected to last 12 weeks and will cost £2.6m. It was also announced that £0.6m would be spent on drawing up plans to dual the section between Birnam and the Jubilee bridge, north of Dunkeld.

9 March 2010

A £6m scheme to improve the Loaninghead junction near Auchterarder officially started on 8 March 2010. The scheme includes the construction of a new roundabout to the south of the A9 at the junction with the A823. The new roundabout will provide southbound access to the A9 via a new slip road.

22 April 2010

An official ceremony to mark the start of work on the Moy 2+1 Improvement was held on 8 April 2010. The start of the work was delayed because of bad weather.

14 September 2010

Transport Scotland announces the selection of the contractor (John Paul Construction) to work on the A9 Crubenmore Dual Carriageway Northern Extension Project. This project will add a further 3 km to the existing 1.6 km of dual carriageway. Work is expected to start in autumn 2010 and to be completed by late summer 2011. The total cost is £9m.

22 October 2010

The contractors compound is currently being installed at Etteridge Farm in advance of the Crubenmore dual carriageway extension works.

9 November 2010

A ceremony was held today to mark the official start of the Crubenmore northern extension project.

20 January 2011

A timetable for dualling the A9 between Perth and Inverness was debated in the Scottish Parliament today. The government re-confirmed its preference for a phased dualling. The cost of dualling the the remaining single carriageway sections has been put at £2bn - £4bn. Meanwhile, the new northbound overtaking lane at Moy, south of Inverness, has been closed since 19 November 2010 due to safety concerns. The new lane ends just before a junction which allows southbound traffic to turn right across the carriageway. A temporary traffic management system is in operation while Transport Scotland urgently considers the options.

9 March 2011

Draft orders for the Slochd 2+1 improvement were published today. The scheme involves the construction of a new overtaking lane at Slochd, north of Aviemore. The total scheme length is 3.8 km. Construction is expected to start in 2012/13, subject to funding.

19 May 2011

BBC News reports that Transport Scotland have said, subject to agreement, work could start within a month to reopen northbound overtaking lane on the Moy 2+1. This has been closed since 19 November 2010, following concerns about traffic crossing to a junction near the end of the lane.

26 July 2011

Following widespread safety concerns, the recently-completed northbound overtaking lane at Moy is currently being reconfigured as a southbound overtaking lane. The repainting is expected to be finished in a few weeks.

27 September 2011

The Crubenmore northern extension is now open to traffic.

6 December 2011

The Scottish Government's Infrastructure Investment Plan, released today, includes a commitment to complete the dualling between Perth and Inverness by 2025.

31 January 2012

Plans to dual the 9km section from Luncarty to Pass of Birnam (Tay Crossing) go on public display today. Work is expected to start in 2017.

16 December 2014

A trial 50 mph HGV speed limit was introduced on the single-carriageway sections at the end of October, along with average speed camera enforcement.

10 September 2015

The official start of work to dual the 5-mile section between Kincraig and Dalraddy (south of Aviemore), at a cost of £35m, was announced today.

29 January 2016

Public exhibitions were held on 26 and 27 January 2016 detailing progress with development work to dual the 10.2 km section from Pass of Birnam to Tay Crossing. The exhibition material, including details of the route options, can be downloaded from the Transport Scotland website.

14 May 2016

Tarmac is in the process of being laid on a section of the new southbound carriageway.

13 August 2016

Ground investigations are in progress for the Tomatin to Moy section.

30 September 2016

Traffic is now using 4 km of new carriageway on the Kincraig to Dalraddy widening (still in contraflow, as the other carriageway construction begins).

30 April 2017

The section from Luncarty to Pass of Birnam is to start later this year.

8 May 2017

A report on the preferred option (DMRB stage 3) for Tomatin to Moy is now available and was exhibited on 18-19 May.

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