A96 Haudagain Improvement

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In planning or on hold
Junction improvement for use by all traffic
Transport Scotland
Region: Scotland
Scottish Government

Improvement in capacity at the junction of the A90 and A96 in the suburbs of Aberdeen, which is presently a flat roundabout that is operating above its intended capacity.

A short new link road will be built between the A90 to the south and A96 to the west, through the Middlefield area of Aberdeen, to allow traffic to bypass the junction, removing some traffic flows from the roundabout.

The work will commence after completion of the Aberdeen Western Peripheral Route in 2018, at which point the north-south route through this junction will no longer be the A90.

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Official website
Transport Scotland: A90/A96 Haudagain Improvement

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This scheme was last updated on 30 December 2014.