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Now completed The main purpose of the Road Schemes part of this website is to track major road construction schemes as they near completion. When they're finished, they are archived here. Note that the increasing number of road schemes suggested here is more related to the increasing number of schemes listed on CBRD, and not a quickening pace of road construction.

Date Scheme
May 2017 A505 Dunstable Northern Bypass
May 2017 M40 J12 Improvement
May 2017 M74 J5 Improvement
May 2017 M8 Newhouse - Baillieston
Apr 2017 Wakefield Eastern Relief Road
Apr 2017 A30 Winchester Road Roundabout improvements
Mar 2017 A13 and M25 J30 Congestion Relief Scheme
Mar 2017 A197 Morpeth Northern Bypass
Mar 2017 A556 Knutsford to Bowdon Environmental Improvement
Mar 2017 A683 Lancaster Northern Bypass
Mar 2017 M1 J19 Catthorpe
Sep 2016 A1 Elkesley Junctions Improvement
Aug 2016 A684 Bedale Bypass
Jul 2016 A1 Coal House to Metro Centre Improvement
Jul 2016 A1173 Immingham Bypass
Jun 2016 A325 Queens Roundabout
Mar 2016 M1 J28-31 Smart Motorway
Feb 2016 M6 J10A-13 Smart Motorway
Feb 2016 M3 J6 Black Dam Improvements
Feb 2016 A282 Dartford Crossing Remote Payment Scheme
Feb 2016 M1 J39-42 Smart Motorway
Dec 2015 Hastings to Bexhill Link Road
Dec 2015 A380 Kingskerswell Bypass
Dec 2015 A5020 Crewe Green Link Rd (South)
Nov 2015 M1 J10A Improvement
Nov 2015 A391 Carluddon Road Improvements
Oct 2015 M27 J3 Improvement
Sep 2015 A465 Brynmawr to Tredegar Dualling
Aug 2015 M40 J10 Improvement
Aug 2015 A5758 Thornton - Switch Island Link
Aug 2015 M6 J17 Improvement
Aug 2015 M6 J16 Improvement
Jul 2015 A453 Widening M1-A52
Jul 2015 A14 Kettering Bypass Widening
Jul 2015 M40 J9 (Wendlebury) Improvement
Jun 2015 A82 Glen Gloy Improvement
May 2015 A82 Pulpit Rock
Apr 2015 A12 J28 Colchester Link
Apr 2015 M1 J24 Improvement
Apr 2015 A11 Barton Mills - Thetford
Mar 2015 A164 Beverley Southern Bypass
Feb 2015 M25 J23-27 Managed Motorway
Dec 2014 A82 Crianlarich Bypass
Oct 2014 A23 Handcross - Warninglid Improvement
Oct 2014 M6 Birmingham Box ATM Phase 3
Oct 2014 M5 J29 East of Exeter Improvement
Oct 2014 M876 Glenbervie Connecting Roads
Oct 2014 M62 installation of ATM J25-30
Oct 2014 A77 Symington and Bogend Toll Improvements
Oct 2014 M1 Widening J10-13 (Luton-Bedford)
Oct 2014 M25 J5-7 Managed Motorway
Oct 2014 M4 J19-20 and M5 J15-17 Managed Motorway
Oct 2014 A13 Sadlers Farm Improvement
Sep 2014 M1 J19 Catthorpe Viaduct Replacement
Sep 2014 A256/A299 East Kent Access improvements
May 2014 A43 Corby Link Road
Apr 2014 A477 St Clears to Red Roses Improvement
Mar 2014 A75 Dunragit Bypass
Feb 2014 A57 M1 to Todwick Crossroads
Dec 2013 A360 Airman's Corner improvement
Dec 2013 A46 Lincoln Bypass Dualling
Oct 2013 A4241 Port Talbot Peripheral Distributor Road Stage 2
Oct 2013 A470 Maes yr Helmau to Cross Foxes Improvement
Jun 2013 A6182 Doncaster White Rose Way
May 2013 A164 Humber Bridge to Beverley access road dualling
Dec 2012 A406 Bounds Green Improvement
Dec 2012 A861 Drynie Hill Improvement
Dec 2012 M60 J2-4 Improvements
Nov 2012 A41 West Bromwich Underpass
Sep 2012 A64 Brambling Fields Interchange Improvement
Jul 2012 A31 Canford Bottom Junction Improvement
May 2012 M25 Widening J27-30
May 2012 M20 Junction 9 and Drovers Improvement
May 2012 M25 Widening J16-23
Apr 2012 A350 Twin Sails Bridge
Apr 2012 A46 Newark - Widmerpool Dualling
Apr 2012 A1(M) Dishforth - Leeming
Feb 2012 A689 Carlisle Northern Relief Road
Feb 2012 A96 Fochabers and Mosstodloch Bypass
Jan 2012 A19 New Tyne Crossing
Dec 2011 A14 Copdock Interchange and Dock Spur Roundabout Improvements
Dec 2011 A470 Cwmbach to Newbridge
Nov 2011 M80 Stepps - Haggs
Oct 2011 A1073 Spalding to Eye Improvement
Oct 2011 A487 Porthmadog Bypass
Sep 2011 A38 Taunton Third Way
Sep 2011 A2 Wincheap Improvement
Aug 2011 A38 Selly Oak Bypass
Jul 2011 A3 Hindhead Tunnel
Jul 2011 M56 J7 Bowden View Bridge Replacement
Jun 2011 M74 Glasgow - Carmyle
Jun 2011 M4 Variable Speed Limits Magor - Tredegar Park
Apr 2011 A40 Penblewin to Slebech Park
Apr 2011 Birmingham Box ATM Phases 1 and 2
Feb 2011 M5 J12 Improvements
Feb 2011 A6 Raynesway Park Junction Improvement
Jan 2011 M4 J11 Reading
Jan 2011 A354 Weymouth Relief Road
Dec 2010 A421 M1 - Bedford
Nov 2010 A34 Alderley Edge Bypass
Oct 2010 A75 Cairntop to Barlae Dualling
Sep 2010 A473 Church Village Bypass
Sep 2010 M4 Widening J29-32
Aug 2010 M1 Widening J21-29 (Leicester-Chesterfield)
Aug 2010 A499 Aberdesach to Llanaelhaearn Improvement
Jul 2010 A601 Derby Inner Ring Road
Jul 2010 M40 J15 Longbridge Island
Jun 2010 M6 Junction 32 Improvement
Apr 2010 A2 Bean to Cobham: Phase 2
Dec 2009 A428 Bedford western bypass
Nov 2009 Hemsworth A1 Link Road
Oct 2009 A1 Peterborough - Blyth
Aug 2009 A1(M) Bramham - Wetherby
Jun 2009 A7 Auchenrivock Improvement Project
Jun 2009 A419 Commonhead and Blunsdon Improvement
Jun 2009 A5117 Deeside Park Junctions
Jun 2009 A830 Arisaig - Loch nan Uamh
Jun 2009 M62 J27 Gildersome Roundabouts
Mar 2009 A69 Haydon Bridge Bypass
Feb 2009 A63 East Leeds Link Road
Feb 2009 A14 Haughley Bends Realignment
Jan 2009 M27 Widening J3-4
Jan 2009 M1 Widening J6a-10 (M25-Luton)
Dec 2008 A595 Parton - Lillyhall Improvement
Dec 2008 M62 J6 Improvement
Dec 2008 M6 Carlisle - Gretna
Nov 2008 Upper Forth Crossing
Nov 2008 M25 and A2 Widening
Nov 2008 A38 Dobwalls Bypass
Nov 2008 A61 Leeds Inner Ring Road Stage 7
Sep 2008 A68 Dalkeith Northern Bypass
May 2008 A465 Abergavenny to Gilwern Dualling
May 2008 A61 Sheffield Inner Relief Road
Apr 2008 A590 Ayside Bypass
Mar 2008 M1 Widening J29-42 (Chesterfield-Leeds)
Oct 2007 A66 Temple Sowerby Bypass
Sep 2007 A4146 Stoke Hammond and Linslade Western Bypass
Sep 2007 A66 Dualling Scotch Corner - Stephen Bank
Sep 2007 A8000 Motorway Replacement
Sep 2007 M25 Holmesdale Tunnel Refurbishment
Jul 2007 A30 Bodmin - Indian Queens
May 2007 A361 Barnstaple Western Bypass
May 2007 A428 Caxton Common - Hardwick
May 2007 M40 J4 Handy Cross
Apr 2007 A1198 Papworth Everard Bypass
Mar 2007 A11 Attleborough Bypass Improvement
Dec 2006 A23 Coulsdon Relief Road
Oct 2006 A228 Leybourne and West Malling Bypass
Oct 2006 A63 Melton Junction
Sep 2006 A500 Stoke Pathfinder
Aug 2006 A249 Swale Bridge - Sheerness
Aug 2006 A421 Great Barford Bypass
Jun 2006 M60 Widening J5-8
May 2006 A13 Thames Gateway
Mar 2006 A14 Rookery Crossroads
Mar 2006 A505 Baldock Bypass
Mar 2006 M57 J7 Switch Island
Jan 2006 A1(M) Darrington - Hook Moor
Dec 2005 A47 Thorney Bypass
Dec 2005 M25 Widening J12-15
Nov 2005 A1(M) Wetherby - Walshford
Nov 2005 A80 Auchenkilns Roundabout
Oct 2005 A5 Weeford - Fazeley
Sep 2005 A92 Dundee - Arbroath
Jul 2005 A228 Chattenden - Hoo
Jul 2005 A303 Boscombe Down
Jul 2005 A64 Bilbrough Top Improvement
Jun 2005 A14 J7 Improvement
Apr 2005 M77 Mearns - Kilmarnock
Mar 2005 A135 South Stockton Link
Mar 2005 A21 Lamberhurst Bypass
Dec 2004 A455 Newport SDR
Dec 2004 A617 Mansfield/Ashfield Regeneration Route
Dec 2004 A78 Saltcoats Bypass
Oct 2004 A10 Wadesmill - Colliers End
Aug 2004 M4 J13 Chieveley
Jul 2004 A120 Stansted - Braintree
Jul 2004 A46 Newark - Lincoln
Jun 2004 A63 Selby Bypass
Jun 2004 A1 Rainton Crossroads
Apr 2004 A1 Haddington - Dunbar
Dec 2003 A6 Alvaston Bypass
Dec 2003 A650 Bingley Relief Road
Dec 2003 M11 J8 Stansted
Dec 2003 M6 Toll Birmingham Northern Relief Road/BNRR
Oct 2003 A41 Aston Clinton Bypass
Jul 2003 M2 Widening
Jan 2003 A1033 Hedon Road Upgrade
Sep 2002 A43 Upgrade
Sep 2002 M62 J8 Burtonwood