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Scheme Outline

Scheme details

January 2014 - December 2016
Junction improvement with some parts under motorway restrictions
£ 119m
Highways England
Region: East Midlands
Highways Agency

Reconstruction of M1 Junction 19, the meeting place of the M1, M6 and A14. Provision of new free-flow links between M6 and A14. The plans as of Autumn 2003 will cause the realignment of the road between Catthorpe and Swinford away from the interchange, which in turn will mean the A14 from this interchange to Junction 1 will be upgraded to motorway.

The junction will carry the mainline of the M6 on to the A14, with sliproads between M1 south and M6, and between M1 north and A14.

Works are due to be completed in December, which will allow work to progress on the second phase of the Junction 16 to 19 Smart Motorway scheme to the south of here.


14 October 2002 Set of optional designs put forward by Multi-Modal study.
14 July 2003 Consultants finalise diversion of local road (see above).
14 April 2005 Contract awarded to Skanska Construction. Draft orders are due to be issued shortly.
14 October 2006 It is announced that work will start in early 2007.
14 December 2006 The latest word is that a public inquiry is due in early 2007, with the start of work in late 2007 or early 2008 subject to ministerial approval. Some reports suggest that work may not start until 2009, in which case it would open in 2012.
14 May 2008 The Highways Agency are now indicating a possible start date of 2011, with completion then due in 2013.
14 July 2008 The Highways Agency held exhibitions for local residents at the start of the month, and appear to be considering either a large roundabout with free-flow links above it, with or without access to the M1 south, or an entirely free-flowing junction with restricted turning movements. Local access to the motorway network will be cut off in every proposed layout.
19 February 2009 The preferred route has now been published by the Highways Agency. The red junction and orange local road network have been selected.
25 February 2010 The draft Scheme and Orders have been published. An Environmental Statement and Non-Technical Summary have also been published.
24 June 2010 This project has been put on hold pending a spending review in autumn 2010. However, funding for the separate Catthorpe Viaduct replacement project was confirmed.
30 October 2010 Following the autumn spending review, the DfT has decided to continue preparatory work on this scheme, with a view to starting construction after 2015.
1 December 2011 This scheme is one of those mentioned in the National Infrastructure Plan, announced earlier this week.
30 September 2014 Construction started in January 2014, according to the Highways Agency.
23 October 2015 The sliproad from A14 w/b to M6 n/b is now in use.
18 December 2015 From 13th December, the A14 westbound to M1 northbound direct link is open.
17 February 2017 The project is finished and fully open to traffic.

More information

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It's over!

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